Demolition control must be carried out carefully to make sure there are no residential units lost within Kitchener and to ensure we don’t lose buildings with heritage significance.

On this page:

  1. Permits you need for demolition
  2. Apply for demolition control
  3. Exemptions
  4. Approval by staff
  5. Approval by council
  6. Standard approval conditions

Permits you need for demolition

You need to obtain demolition control approval before demolishing any residential building in the demolition control area (R-1 through R-6 in zoning bylaw 85-01 and RES1 through RES-6 in zoning bylaw 2019-051).

Depending on the property you want to demolish, you may need more permits or approvals.

Redeveloping a property

You must also submit a building permit application (including a demolition permit) and/or a site plan application. You can do this before you apply for demolition control or at the same time as your demolition control application.

Ontario Heritage Act designated property

You must apply for a heritage permit before we consider your demolition control application.

Non-designated property of cultural heritage value or interest

If the property is listed on the Municipal Heritage Register but not designated under the Ontario Heritage Act, city council must determine the heritage status of the property. We will not consider your demolition control application until council determines the property’s heritage status.

Please send us an email to inquire about demolishing a property listed on the Municipal Heritage Register.

Apply for demolition control

To apply for a demolition control permit:

  • complete our application form and send it to staff by email, then send the original signed application and cheque to the address below
  • send a cheque payable to the City of Kitchener by mail or courier to the address below

Attn: Manager of Development Review
Planning Division
City of Kitchener
200 King Street West
Kitchener, ON
N2G 4G7


Your demolition may not require a demolition control approval. We exempt demolitions that are:

  • outside the demolition control area (R-1 through R-6 in zoning bylaw 85-01 and RES1 through RES-6 in zoning bylaw 2019-051)
  • necessary for environmental remediation of the property
  • required for a public work or service approved by the City
  • a mobile home
  • exempted by provincial or federal regulation

Even if you qualify for an exemption, you must apply and receive a demolition control exemption before we will issue a demolition permit.

Our application form explains the documents required for an exemption.

Approval by staff

Staff have been given authority to approve applications if:

  • the property is part of a building permit or site plan application
  • the property is within a draft plan of subdivision with a registered pre-servicing agreement
  • staff determine there is a threat to the health, safety or security of the community

Approval by council

If your property has status under the Ontario Heritage Act or does not meet one of our delegated authority criteria, the application will be decided by Kitchener city council.

The same fees and application form apply for a demolition control approval through council. Staff will prepare a report that goes before city council for approval.

Standard approval conditions

If your application is approved by staff or council, you will need to agree to our standard approval conditions:

  • receive a building permit for the redeveloped property; and/or,
  • obtain site plan approval for the redeveloped property; and,
  • the redevelopment must be complete within two years.

If the redevelopment of the property isn’t complete within two years, a lien of $20,000 per dwelling unit will be added to the property.