The Racialized and Indigenous Supports for Equity (RISE) Fund is a community grant that provides support for community-led organizations, programs, initiatives or events meant to decrease inequities and increase opportunities and well-being for Black, Indigenous and racialized communities in Kitchener.

On this page:

  1. Categories and grant amounts
  2. Eligibility
  3. Apply for the RISE Fund
  4. Staff contacts
  5. Assessment process
  6. Grant agreements
  7. Accessibility and translation

Categories and grant amounts

The RISE Fund has an annual budget of $50,000, with these maximums and minimums:

  • maximum annual grant amount for groups: $10,000
  • minimum annual grant amount for groups: $1,000
  • maximum for events: $5,000

Groups are eligible for funding within these categories:

  • capacity building: groups and organizations can use this funding to provide resources to build and develop internal capacity before launching projects or events
  • core operational costs: groups and organizations with core operational costs essential to their work (3-year maximum support)
  • event funding: an event organized by the group or organization, or a series of small events over time (maximum $5,000)
  • project funding: projects organized by the group or organization
  • other: we'll consider other requests as long as they still fall within the broader criteria of the grant


This grant is open to formal and informal organizations or community groups in Kitchener. The group can be newly formed for the purpose of a specific project or is a pre-existing group undertaking a project.

Applicants must meet the following application criteria:

  • the organization or group is led by and for Black, Indigenous and/or racialized individuals or groups in Kitchener
  • can demonstrate through a budget how groups or organizations propose to use funds, and agree to report back upon completion of the project, including accountability of all revenues, expenses and proof of purchases
  • the project, initiative or event will contribute to one or several of the following:
    • decrease inequities
    • increase opportunities
    • increase well-being for Black, Indigenous or other racialized community members in Kitchener

Apply for the RISE Fund

Applications for the RISE Fund are closed at this time. Please subscribe to this page by clicking the green button under the "contact us" section to get an email when we share future application deadlines.

Staff contacts

If you have questions about the grant criteria, eligibility, or potential alignment of your project, group or event with the objectives of the RISE Fund, please email Rea Parchment.

If you have questions about the grant process or completing the application form, please email Amanda Drumond or call 519-741-2200, ext. 7591.

Assessment process

Our Equity & Anti-Racism Advisory Committee is the selection committee for this grant. This committee includes 12 community members representing voices who have been historically underrepresented or excluded, specifically those who are Black, Indigenous, racialized, 2SLGBTQ+ identified, people with disabilities, religious minorities, and the intersections of these identities.

Staff provide facilitative and administrative support. City staff do not have voting privileges in the grant selection.

Grant agreements

All recipients of the RISE Fund will be expected to sign a contract with the City of Kitchener outlining the terms of the agreement in accordance with regulations provided by the City Solicitor.

Accessibility and translation

We are committed to helping with all accessibility requests, including language translation. Applications may be submitted in languages other than English, and translation or interpretation services will be provided upon request. Paper versions of the application are also available upon request and can be picked up at any of our community centres or City Hall. If you have any accessibility requirements, please email Amanda Drumond or call 519-741-2200, ext. 7591