The Spur Line Trail runs between Ahrens Street West, to the north of Kitchener’s downtown to the uptown core of Waterloo where it meets the Laurel Trail. As the name suggests, the trail runs alongside a sideline of the rail network through the region.

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  3. About the trail
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  5. Trail etiquette


The Spur Line Trail starts at the intersection of Ahrens Street West and Breithaupt Street in Kitchener and ends at the Laurel Creek Trail in uptown Waterloo.

Along its route in Kitchener, it connects to:

  • Kitchener Train Station (GO and Via)
  • George Lippert Park
  • Uniroyal Goodrich Park

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Play areas can be found at:

  • George Lippert Park
  • Uniroyal Goodrich Park

About the trail

Approximately 1 km of the Spur Line trail runs through Kitchener, linking to the City of Waterloo. The trail was established by the Region of Waterloo in 2016 and formalized a dirt trail that had been established through informal use alongside the rail corridor.

The trail is a Multi Use Trail. It is asphalt along its full length and receives year round maintenance, meaning it is kept free of snow and ice in the winter. Multi Use Trails in Kitchener can be used by cyclists and pedestrians, but the trail should not be used by motorized vehicles such as motor bikes or cars.

The trail links residents, communities and businesses and provides an Active Transportation corridor for many people undertake daily trips for work, school or business along the trail. It is also an important recreational trail linking parks and open spaces and helping add to the quality of life of residents of Kitchener.


Work is ongoing at Uniroyal Goodrich park to make improvements to this park space. Work is anticipated to be completed by spring 2023.

Trail etiquette

  • keep the right side of the trail as you move along it
  • keep dogs on leash and remember to pick up after them
  • if you are moving up behind people in front (for example, runners and cyclists) please make people aware of your approach – use a bell, or provide a verbal indication (‘on your left’)
  • if walking in a group, be aware of others using the trail and give them space to pass
  • do not use motorized vehicles (cars, mopeds, ATVs, snowmobiles) on the trail, and respect residents that live along the trail by proceeding quietly – particularly in the early morning or evening