We want to make roads, sidewalks and trails in Kitchener safer for all ages, abilities and modes of transportation. Learn about Vision Zero, our strategy and how you can help shape the future of road safety in Kitchener.

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About Vision Zero

Vision Zero is a new way of thinking about creating safer roads. Our goal is to reduce traffic fatalities and serious injuries to zero. This concept started in Sweden in 1997 and has become popular around the world.

Here’s how Vision Zero strategies approach road safety:

  • focus on reducing fatal and serious injury collisions
  • collisions are preventable and no preventable loss of life is acceptable
  • human mistakes and errors should be expected and anticipated
  • our transportation network should be designed to account for human mistakes and errors
  • road safety is a shared responsibility among the people who design, maintain, enforce rules on and use roads and intersections
  • changes are reactive to historical collisions

Our strategy

In March 2020, council directed staff to develop a Vision Zero strategy. We want to reduce the harm of potential collisions or other human mistakes by making our roads safer. We recognize that we need to make improvements that will contribute to safer roads, vehicles, speeds and road user behaviours.

Through a Vision Zero strategy, we aim to minimize the risk of traffic related serious injuries or fatalities in our community.

We expect to complete the Vision Zero strategy by the end of 2021. The strategy will include specific road safety improvement action items under these categories:

  • evaluation
  • engineering
  • enforcement
  • education
  • engagement

To develop the strategy, staff will work with stakeholders, including:

  • residents
  • transportation network users (pedestrians, cyclists, drivers)
  • Region of Waterloo
  • Waterloo Regional Police Services
  • Public Health
  • Grand River Transit

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How to get involved

Check out our Engage Kitchener page to get updates on our Vision Zero project and other city projects.