The Official Plan is a living document, and changes are sometimes warranted. The Official Plan amendment process allows property owners to change one of the policies or designations applied to their property.

On this page:

  1. Pre-submission consultation
  2. Application process

Pre-submission consultation

To request a change to a land designation or to one of the Official Plan’s policies, you must submit an Official Plan amendment application.

The first step is a pre-submission consultation meeting with our city planners.

Application process

After your pre-submission consultation you will need to complete an application. The pre-submission consultation report you receive from staff will explain what is required for your project. Email a completed application form and a scan of the cheque to our planning division.

If your application is larger than 10mb, please contact us to arrange for a file transfer.

The original, signed hard copy application form and cheque should be mailed or couriered as soon as possible after sending your application by email.

Please mail or courier your application to:

City of Kitchener 
Manager of Development Review - Planning Division
200 King Street West, 6th Floor
Kitchener, ON
N2G 4R6