Kitchener is full of caring residents, businesses and organizations whose acts of kindness, community volunteerism and neighbourhood pride make a positive impact on their neighbourhood.

You can nominate a good neighbour so they know their efforts are appreciated!

Nominate a good neighbour

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Nominate a good neighbour

Good neighbours #LoveMyHood and they show it! They might:

You can nominate a Kitchener resident, group, business, or organization who makes your neighbourhood a better place to live using our online form below. You’ll get a thank you card signed by the mayor and a member of council to give to your neighbour. We’ll also enter nominees into a bi-monthly draw to win great prizes.

Nominate a good neighbour

Thank you

Are you a good neighbour? Whether you do something small or big, or if it takes several hours or just a few seconds, you are making a positive contribution to your neighbourhood. Thank you for helping make your neighbourhood great!