All swimming pools that can hold 36 inches or more of water require an enclosure permit. This includes in-ground, above-ground and temporary pools. If your hot tub has a lockable cover, you don’t need a permit.

Apply for a permit

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  1. When you need an enclosure permit
  2. Apply for a permit
  3. Pool safety
  4. Crossing city property

When you need an enclosure permit

All swimming pools must have a permit if they can hold more than 36 inches of water, even if they are not filled that high.

This includes all:

  • above ground pools
  • in-ground pools
  • hot tubs without lockable covers
  • temporary pools

If your hot tub has a lockable cover, you don’t need a permit.

Enclosure requirements

Download our pool enclosure requirements.

Apply for an enclosure permit

You can apply:

An enclosure permit costs $95.

If you have any questions about the application process, send us an email or call 519-741-2312.

Apply in person

Download our form and bring a copy to building staff on the fifth floor of City Hall.

Application requirements

  • your address
  • the pool’s construction value
  • contractor’s name and address
  • a site plan or property survey

Your site plan or property survey must include the pool’s:

  • location
  • configuration
  • dimensions to property lines
  • dimensions to existing buildings
  • fence location and type of construction

Above-ground pools

Your site plan must show the limits of the pool’s deck.

If the deck is more than 24 inches above ground, you must also include:

  • a floor plan
  • cross section
  • guard details
  • a deck permit

Infiltration galleries

Homes in newer subdivisions may have infiltration galleries in the yard, which help drain rainwater. Installing a pool can damage these galleries or require them to be moved. Check to see if you have an infiltration gallery before starting a pool project.

Contact us or call 519-741-2312 if you have questions about infiltration galleries. For other pool-related questions, email our building division or call 519-741-2312.

Pool safety

Safe use of a backyard pools requires adult supervision and compliance with our backyard pool safety reminders. Check our pool safety checklist for easy reminders of what’s required.

Crossing city property

You will need to get an 'access over city property' permit if you need to drive a vehicle across city property for your pool installation.

You can get a free permit by calling 519-741-2200, ext. 4166.