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On this page:

  1. Community centre programs
  2. Swimming programs and lessons
  3. Neighbourhood association programs
  4. How to use ActiveNet

Community centre programs

Registration for city-run programs at our community centres:

  • for fall 2022 is open now
  • for winter 2022/2023 opens on December 13, 2022

Register on ActiveNet

Find a full list of our community centres.

Swimming programs and lessons

Registration for swimming lessons:

  • until December is open now
  • between January and April 2023 opens on December 13, 2022

Register on ActiveNet

Register for swimming lessons or other programs on ActiveNet. Family swims are also available.

Find a full list of our swimming pools.

Neighbourhood association programs

Neighbourhood associations may have different registration dates for programs at our facilities. Check with your local group for their program registration dates.

How to use ActiveNet

Watch this video to learn how to make the most of the ActiveNet search and filters.

Visit our ActiveNet questions page to find answers to common questions about the registration system.