Backflow happens when water flows towards our water system instead of towards a business or home. This creates the potential for contamination and is of higher concern for commercial, institutional, large residential buildings and irrigation systems.

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Backflow preventer device

Installing a backflow preventer (BFP) can stop this problem before it occurs. These devices ensure unwanted substances do not enter the city's clean water supply. 

There are different BFP devices available to protect different types of cross connections.


We want to reduce backflow by ensuring more backflow preventers are installed or maintained across the city. This is why we have a backflow prevention bylaw that that affects commercial, industrial, institutional, large multi-residential buildings and irrigation systems.

Kitchener Utilities

Visit the Kitchener Utilities website to learn more about:

  • backflow preventor installations
  • backflow prevention device permit and fees
  • recognized backflow prevention testers
  • backflow prevention device inspection and testing report
  • backflow codes and standards