Looking for a summer program? Consider an affordable choice at one of our community centres, parks or facilities.

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  1. Register for a summer program
  2. Camps for children
  3. Youth programs
  4. Camps for those with disabilities
  5. Swimming camp
  6. Mobile skatium
  7. BYLD program
  8. School year programs
  9. Camp readiness
  10. Accessibility and support

Register for a summer program

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Camps for children

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Youth programs

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Camps for those with disabilities

We offer specialized camps for children and youth with disabilities:

Swimming camp

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Mobile skatepark

Visit our mobile skatepark page to find the skatepark schedule and more information.

BYLD program

Our Building Youth Leadership Development (BYLD) gives young people aged 12 to 15 the opportunity to learn leadership skills, responsibility and self-confidence.

Learn more and register on our BYLD program page.

School year programs

We offer these programs during the school year:

  • after-school programs
  • weekend programs
  • winter holiday break camp
  • Easter Monday camp
  • March Break camp
  • P.D. day camps

Learn more about school year programs.

Camp readiness

All campers must be program ready. To be program ready, a camper must be able to:

  • take direction and instruction from a staff person
  • interact and participate within the camp environment (based on the camper’s abilities)
  • interact and participate in a way that is safe for themselves and others
  • attend school successfully (if school-aged)

Some campers may need more support to help them be successful at camp. With support from Every Kid Counts or another program, campers must be able to show that they are program ready.

If a camper is not showing that they are program ready, they may be removed from the program.

Age requirement

For all 2022 summer camps, campers must be at least four years old by December 31, 2021. Specific age requirements vary.

Accessibility and support

If you or your child has a disability and needs support to attend camp, apply on our inclusion support page.

Visit our Leisure Access (fee assistance) page to apply for lower registration fees. Our goal is to make city-run programs accessible to everyone.