Kitchener Golf's comprehensive membership packages give golfers of all ages the opportunity to enjoy a full range of exciting golf products, catered to a variety of budgets.

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Why become a member

By purchasing a Kitchener Golf membership, you will get exclusive access to the following:

  • computerized on-site handicap system
  • member events organized by the pro shop
  • member discounts on pro shop products

If you would like more information, call us at 519-741-2949.

Become a member

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2023 rates

Open the accordions below to find the fees and descriptions for each membership type. All fees are without HST.

All membership rates are subject to final council approval. If there are any changes to the rates based on council decision, Kitchener Golf will refund or charge accordingly.

Full - sold out

Unrestricted playing privileges seven days a week at Rockway & Doon Valley's 18-hole courses and the Classic 9-hole course at Doon Valley. Golf Association of Ontario (GAO) membership and e-handicap are included.


  • adult: $1,737.59 - sold out
  • adult couple: $3,301.42 - sold out
  • intermediate (11 to 35): $1,216.31 - sold out

Unlimited play Monday to Friday for youth ages 11 to 18. Weekends and statutory holidays with an adult (one adult for every one junior) before 2 p.m. and after 2 p.m without an adult.

Playing before 2 p.m. without an adult will incur an additional fee. See pro shop for details. This membership also includes unlimited access to Doon Valley's Pitch and Putt course.

Fee: $437.24

Weekday 55+ - sold out

Unlimited golf on Monday to Friday, excluding statutory holidays. Playing privileges at Rockway & Doon Valley's 18-hole courses and the Classic 9-hole course at Doon Valley. Weekday membership includes e-handicap.


  • 55+: $1,134.55 - sold out
  • 55+ couple: $2,143.02 - sold out
Classic 9 - sold out

The value packed "Classic 9" membership provides unlimited playing privileges on the 9-hole course at Doon Valley while allowing the member to pay a reduced rate to play the 18-hole course.

5-day memberships are Monday to Friday. 7-day memberships include weekends and holidays.


  • 5-day: $666.64
  • 7-day: $752.96
Pitch & Putt

Unlimited golf seven days a week at Doon Valley's Pitch and Putt course. Golfers must be 4 years of age or older and children must have adult supervision. Ask for more details.


  • single: $107.89
  • family of four: $238.49
Pay and Play Cart

Allows frequent cart users to save money by paying a small upfront fee and are then charged a reduced rate each time they rent a cart.

Fee: $107.96

Plus additional fee per person:

  • 9-hole: $6.75
  • 18-hole: $12.50
Full cart

Pay one upfront fee for use of carts during the entire Golf season. Carts are subject to availability.

5-day cart memberships are Monday to Friday. 7-day cart memberships include weekends and holidays.


  • 5-day: $557.52
  • 7-day: $805.31

Event calendar

Use our events calendar to help plan your next golf day:

Terms and conditions

  1. Membership at Doon Valley or Rockway shall be seasonal and shall be made by a membership contract that is to be signed by the applicant(s), and subject to the approval of the Kitchener Community Services Department.  A seasonal membership allows the applicant to utilize the facilities from the date of official opening to the date of official closing as established by management. 
  2. The applicant’s signature on the membership contract indicates agreement to comply with the terms and conditions as set out in the “Membership Terms & Conditions”
  3. The City of Kitchener Community Services Department reserves the right to cancel a membership for conduct unbecoming a member of the course, non-adherence to Terms & Conditions or unacceptable conduct in a Community Services Facility Policy MUN-FAC 345
  4. E-handicap software is available for all members at no charge.  Visit Club ID: kitchenergolf. Use your name to search for your information.  For assistance with e-Handicap contact the Rockway Pro Shop.
  5. Full Adult & Intermediate membership allows playing privileges any day of the week during the golf season. Full & Intermediate memberships include membership with the GAO.
  6. Weekday membership allows playing privileges Monday to Friday, excluding statutory holidays.
  7. Junior members may play anytime Monday through Friday. Weekends and Stat holidays with an adult (1 adult/1 junior) before 2:00pm and after 2:00pm without an adult. Playing before 2:00pm without an adult requires an additional fee of $28.50 for 18 holes and $17.00 for 9 holes. *Fee subject to change.  Unlimited play is included on the Pitch n’ Putt course at Doon Valley.
  8. Pitch n’ Putt memberships – unlimited golf 7 days per week at Doon Valley’s Pitch n’ Putt course. Family Pitch n’ Putt membership is comprised up to five family members with a maximum of two adults all living at the same address.
  9. Cart memberships - cart membership fees are per person. “Partial” cart members pay an additional fee per person of $12.50 for 18 holes, & $6.75 for 9 holes. *Additional fees subject to change. The discounted cart membership fee applies only to the person who has purchased the cart membership. Cart memberships cannot be shared or transferred. “Full cart” members have unlimited cart privileges per person.
  10. The club reserves the right to pair up players on carts at all times. Carts are on a first come first serve basis and based upon availability.
  11. The club reserves the right to prohibit cart use based on course conditions. In the case that carts are not allowed on the course, a “full” cart member shall have the option to use a pull cart at no extra charge. A “partial” cart member shall have the option to rent a pull cart at 50% of the listed rate.
  12. Members may make tee times 8 days in advance after 7pm through the pro shops or online
  13. To assist with making tee time reservations online, members are assigned a membership card number that is to be used for login and password.
  14. All players must register at the Pro Shop 15 minutes prior to your tee time. Players must start on the 1st tee unless given permission from the Pro Shop.  Marshalls have full authority to control play.
  15. The name of all players must be recorded when reserving tee times.  Incomplete foursomes will be filled whenever possible.
  16. Failure to cancel a reserved tee time within 12 hours may result in suspension of membership.
  17. There is no guarantee of tee time availability.  A fair tee time distribution system is in place at each golf course.
  18. Each member will abide and comply with the facility rules (on scorecard and or facility signs posted), including any rules and guidelines regarding covid-19 (“Covid Virus”). Failure to follow Covid Virus guidelines and rules established by the City will result in the immediate termination of this Agreement. From time to time, the City will provide updated rules and guidelines to the Licensee regarding the Covid Virus.  In the event there is a conflict between any “Return to Play” guidelines as established by the governing sport body, the City’s Covid Virus guidelines and rules prevail.
  19. Your proof of age is at the start of the golf season


A member wishing to withdraw from the Course must submit a resignation in writing to Management.  No refunds will be given after June 1.  Consideration will be given for serious medical conditions with a doctor’s note.  The decision of the Kitchener Community Services Department shall be final in all cases involving the obligations of the resigning member to the Course. Refunds are calculated at the membership fee less rounds played at the corresponding green fee & cart rates. An administration fee will be applied. Memberships are not transferrable.