We’re a leader among municipal governments for our improved energy management practices. Our efficiency work saves money and contributes to our goal of reducing the greenhouse gas emissions generated by our operations by 8% over 10 years.

On this page:

  1. How we reduce energy use
  2. Reporting

How we reduce energy use

We’re dedicated to reducing our energy use, saving money and reducing greenhouse gas emissions through investments like:

  • installing automated systems to better control the heating, air conditioning and ventilation in our facilities
  • using more energy-efficient lighting technology
  • more efficient drives for the large motors in our facilities
  • capacitor banks that reduces the penalty paid to our utility provider for having a poor 'power factor'
  • air-to-air heat exchanger added to reduce the energy used to temper the incoming fresh air
  • development of the Corporate Climate Action Plan

These activities have saved more than $1.2 million per year so far.


Part of our Energy Conservation and Demand Management Plan 2019-2023 is a commitment to annual reporting.

Below you'll find the energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions reports for our facilities. If you would like to receive these reports in a more accessible format, please contact Lynda Stewart at 519-741-2600, ext. 4215.