The Laurentian Trail runs for 3 km, connecting Fischer Hallman road in the west through to Homer Watson Boulevard at its east end and connects several schools and parks together.

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The trail starts at Fisher Hallman Road near Activa Avenue and ends at Kingswood Drive neat Selkirk Drive. Once at Kingswood, after a short section of sidewalk, trail users connect to the Multi Use Trail along Block Line Road with extensive links toward Courtland and onto Homer Watson Boulevard.

Along its route, it connects to:

  • Dinison Park
  • Laurentian Senior School Laurentian Hills School, Trillium School, Monsignor Haller School, Our Lady of Grace and Alpine School are located on the trail
  • McLennan Park
  • Alpine Park
  • The Activa Sportsplex and Peter Hallman Ballyard at near the east end of the trail

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Publicly accessible washrooms are available at McLennan Park during spring, summer and fall.


Play areas can be found at:

Visit McLennan Park for these amenities:

  • street skatepark
  • mountain bike trails
  • beach volleyball and basketball courts
  • tobogganing hill

About the trail

The Laurentian Trail is one of many trails through the City of Kitchener that follow hydro corridors to connect communities and neighbourhood together, off busier city streets and roads. It is a Significant Trail which is largely paved and accessible through the year for pedestrians and cyclists as it received winter maintenance along many sections of the trail.


In 2021, we expect to work on several sections of the trail to upgrade them to an asphalt surface and see winter maintenance extend along this important corridor.

Trail etiquette

Help everyone enjoy the trails!

  • keep the right side of the trail as you move along it
  • keep dogs on leash and remember to pick up after them
  • if you are moving up behind people in front (for example, runners and cyclists) please make people aware of your approach – use a bell, or provide a verbal indication (‘on your left’)
  • if walking in a group, be aware of others using the trail and give them space to pass
  • do not use motorized vehicles (cars, mopeds, ATVs, snowmobiles) on the trail, and respect residents that live along the trail by proceeding quietly – particularly in the early morning or evening.

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