We offer programs that help seniors stay active and healthy. We also partner with community groups to support a wide range of activities and volunteer opportunities for seniors.

Search and register for programs

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  2. Senior day program
  3. Drop-in programs
  4. Community centres
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Register for a program

The best place to search for fitness programs is our ActiveNet website. Visit our page to search and register for programs.

We offer a variety of programs:

Senior day program

Our senior day program offers older adults with health and mobility limitations a place to enjoy fun activities and receive additional support.

Drop-in programs

Looking for something you can do without registering in advance?

Community centres

We offer a variety of sports programs through our community centres. Check out our page for your local community centre to find out about the programs near you.

Neighbourhood associations

Kitchener’s Neighbourhood Associations offer programming and activities for older adults. Visit our Neighbourhood Associations page to learn more.

Get involved

Giving back to your community is a great way to make new connections and stay healthy. We have many opportunities to get involved:

Community resources