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If you're a new homeowner - or a home 'do-it-yourselfer' - and you're wondering what types of projects require a building permit, what bylaws you should keep in mind before you build, and how to have your utilities hooked up - you've come to the right place.

Answers to these common questions and others can be found in our community bylaw guide.


Encroachment issues

When you own a property, you're provided a land title showing the boundary lines that divide their property from adjacent land. If an adjacent property owner places any object - such as landscaping items, a shed, deck, pool, fence or trampoline - past the boundary line and onto your property - without your permission, it's considered an encroachment.

Our land works the same way. If objects are placed on city-owned land - such as our parks, natural areas and stormwater management facilities - without our permission, it's considered an illegal offence.

Encroachment can cause significant damage. Piles of debris and gardens can attract small animals and rodents, introduce new invasive species to parkland, and leak elements, like phosphorous and nitrogen, from fertilizers and detergents.

Other common examples of encroachment on our land include:

  • dumping yard waste
  • removing vegetation
  • planting or maintaining gardens, trees and other landscaping
  • building a shed, fence, play structure, composter etc.
  • stored items and materials
  • removing vegetation in a natural area and sodding with grass
  • heavy equipment without a permit

Please refrain from all of these activities on city-owned land.

Termite information

Active termite colonies can occur, and we are committed to supporting property owners who are dealing with termites by exploring treatments for the infected areas.

We also provide information to educate the community on the steps to take if a termite colony is found or suspected, including:

Our chief building official is responsible for enforcing our termite prevention bylaw and addressing concerns on a complaint basis. If you suspect termites on your property, please call us at 519-741-2312.

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