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Bikecheck will be available at Summer Lights Arts Festival, Multicultural Festival, Kultrun Festival, Ribfest and Craft Beer Show, Kitchener Blues Festival and Kidspark! 

Across the globe, cities are transforming their streets and public spaces to make it safer and more convenient to ride a bicycle. Millions of people travel by bicycle and are embracing cycling as a low-cost, healthy, and fun way to get to school, work, or around the city.

BikeKitchener promotes and fosters a sustainable cycling culture among Kitchener residents of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities. Whether residents are looking for information on cycling routes, safety tips, promotional events or upcoming projects, BikeKitchener provides information, resources, and support to those interested in cycling.

With a goal of doubling the number of trips made by bicycle every three to five years, a significant amount of work is underway to make cycling safe and enjoyable for all Kitchener residents. Browse the links below to learn more about the initiatives planned to support and encourage cycling within the City of Kitchener.

Cycling in Kitchener can be fun, but it's important to be safe when you ride.  Check out our BikeKitchener video for top tips for your trip!

For more information on how to keep safe and have fun while cycling in Waterloo Region, check out the BikeWR .

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