Fire inspections


When is a fire inspection required?

Whether it's a home, education facility, office building or event venue, fire safety saves lives. If you own a building, you are responsible for ensuring it's maintained in compliance with the Ontario Fire Code which can help prevent injuries and save structures.

If you need guidance or assistance in complying with the terms of the code we are here to help. The Kitchener fire department provides fire inspections and file search services.

When do you need to get a fire inspection?

Part six of the  Ontario Fire Code addresses fire protection equipment and should be referenced to determine when an inspection is necessary.

If you are operating a lodging house or require a business license, the city of Kitchener's manager of licensing requires a fire inspection to be completed.

If you are getting a temporary or permanent Alcohol and Gambling Commission of Ontario (AGCO) license, where an occupant load needs to be calculated, a full inspection needs to be completed, unless the owner provides detailed dimensioned drawings outlining the use of the space.

Fire inspections

The inspection will look at a number of issues including: 

  • Means of Egress (path available for a person to leave a building)
  • Construction
  • Compartmentation
  • Interior Finish
  • Building Services
  • Fire Protection Systems
  • Fire Alarm and Detection Systems

File searches

If you are selling, purchasing, insuring or re-mortgaging a property, it often requires a search to identify if there are any outstanding orders against the property. Typically law firms or financial institutions complete these searches. However, citizens may also request a search of a property. 

The Kitchener fire department will provide a file search for any outstanding Ontario Fire Code violations against a property. To request a file search of a property that you do not own we will require written authorization from the current owner giving us permission to conduct the search.

How do you request an inspection?

To request an inspection, or file search contact:
Kitchener Fire Prevention at: 519-741-2495, or email 

Contact Kitchener Fire Prevention for applicable fees.

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