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The City of Kitchener is proud to be officially recognized as a ‘Bee City’ and to celebrate our commitment to protecting pollinators in our community. Through this designation, we will continue to create new pollinator habitat, provide education and community outreach opportunities, and look for creative ways to celebrate pollinators in our city.

Bee City projects:

  • Pollinator festival at Huron Natural Area
    Every year we celebrate native pollinators at the Pollinator Festival in Huron Natural Area. This free family event includes hands-on activities - build a bird or bee box - live critters, guided hikes, kids crafts and more! This event is jointly hosted by Bee City Kitchener and Bee City Waterloo.
  • Pollinator meadows
    Visit Lakeside Park or Gzowski Park to see our newly created pollinator meadows. We have created these spaces to encourage and support pollinator diversity. Watch for an additional 2.5 acres of pollinator meadow habitat creation in Kitchener in 2019.

Learn more about pollinators

 Why are pollinators important? 
Pollinators are responsible for 1 out of 3 bites of food we take each day. Learn more about why pollinators are important.
Types of pollinators
There are over 1000 species of pollinating animals in Canada. Although more than 70% of the pollination services in Canada come from bees, Canada is home to more pollinators than just our buzzing friends. Learn more about the different types of pollinators in Canada
 What is a pollinator garden?
A pollinator garden is a space designed and planted with pollinators in mind. Offering a wide variety of flowers, and plants, these gardens promote the visiting of pollinators. Learn more about how to plant a pollinator garden.
 How to select a site for your pollinator garden
Creating a garden, whether it's for flowers or veggies, can seem like a daunting task, and with pollinator gardens being new to many people, it's understandable if you have questions and a bit of apprehension. Learn how to select the perfect site for your pollinator garden.
 How to maintain your pollinator garden
Check out this helpful guide to year-round pollinator garden maintenance. View guide
 Additional resources
 Bee City Kitchener Working Group 
To join our Bee City Kitchener working group, volunteer for a Bee City project or contact us. Visit Bee City Canada for more information and to learn about the Bee City program.

We've partnered with Troy-Bilt to give you helpful tools and tips to better understand pollinators and their importance in our eco-system. 

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