Parks and natural areas


Like other great combinations in life - such as peanut butter and jam or cookies and milk, parks and neighbourhoods are a natural pairing. One isn't nearly as appealing without the other.

In Kitchener, we're fortunate to have 220 parks across our community - giving almost every neighbourhood a place of their own to enjoy fun-filled activities, such as soccer games, picnics and children's play dates.

Use our OnPoint mapping program to find a park near you.

Featured parks

While most cities may only have one crown jewel in their park systems - we have four gems, with each offering a unique features and something for everyone.

  • Victoria Park - Located downtown Kitchener, Victoria Park offers families a large playground, splash pad, picnic tables, beautiful gardens and the celebrated clock tower bell from our old City Hall.
  • McLennan Park - Built on 96 acres, McLennan Park boasts a BMX bike park, beach volleyball and basketball courts, a leash-free dog park, skatepark, splash pad, toboggan hill and our city's largest accessible playground.
  • Kiwanis Park - At more than 119 acres in size, Kiwanis Park offers year-round fun with trails, a leash-free dog park, lake-like swimming pool, snack bar, picnic shelters, beach volleyball courts and athletic fields.
  • Huron Natural Area - Located on Trillium Drive in the south end of our city, Huron Natural Area offers something for everyone - from hikers and joggers, to photographers, bird watchers, and those who simply enjoy basking in nature's serenity.

For the latest news on our future park plans, check out our current developments. More information on our parks can also be found in our parks strategic plan.

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