Thank you for your interest in the Youth Video Contest. The program is no longer running. Please subscribe to this page to receive updates about future programs. If you are a young filmmaker in the region, resources are available to support your creative work.

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About the contest

The Youth Video Contest supported storytelling through film from 2010 to 2023. With the support of the Kitchener Public Library and Grand River Film Festival, we have had the privilege of showcasing over 70 winning films and over 80 honourable mentions throughout the city.

As our arts and culture programs continue to evolve, we will explore opportunities for community members to continue showcasing their creativity in all its forms.

For more information on supports and resources for filmmakers and creatives, visit the resources section on this page or our arts resources page.

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Past winners

Visit our YouTube channel to see compilation videos of past winners and honorable mentions.


Are you new to filmmaking? Looking for more resources to expand your skills? We have collected a list of resources that may be helpful if you’re just beginning to experiment or already have a few films to your name:


Learn more about the film rating system, storyboarding, and developing your story or scriptwriting:


Copyright is the exclusive legal right given to an originator or an assignee to print, publish, perform, film, or record literary, artistic, or musical material and to authorize others to do the same.

All images, music and sound effects used in your film or video should be original or used per the content’s copyright or use guidelines. This is especially important if you are choosing to tell your story through TikTok or Instagram platforms.

A musical composition, sound effect or image available online may not mean it is in the public domain or free to use in your film. You may still need permission from the artist to use it in your film or video. That’s why it’s best to use platforms like Creative Commons.

Check out these resources:

Find assets to use in your film:

Equipment rental

Studio rental

Tips and tutorials

Watch these tutorials to help develop your skills as a filmmaker:

Submission opportunities

Are you looking for local opportunities to screen your film? Check out these festivals:

Learning resources