Kitchener is a vibrant community and it’s exciting to see our diversity grow. Our differences are an important part of what makes this city a great place to call home. Now, more than ever, we have new opportunities to learn, share and connect with people who add vibrancy and cultural knowledge to our City.  

However, diversity is not enough if we hope to create an inclusive and equitable City that welcomes, values, and creates centred space for all races, cultures, and creeds. In order to move toward an equitable city, we must refuse to accept silence and inaction and commit to self-education and intentional actions that bring about measurable change for marginalized groups.

This International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, we acknowledge that an antiracist approach is necessary if we are to identify, disrupt and dismantle racism. An antiracist approach requires us to take an active and intentional philosophy that directly counteracts racist actions, policies, and systems.

At the City of Kitchener, we are committed to intentional work towards antiracism within our organization and community. In February, we launched the RISE Fund, a grant to support Black, Indigenous and racialized groups. In addition, our new Equity & Anti-Racism advisory committee began meeting, we implemented a new Equity, Inclusion and Anti-Racism Policy, we’re rolling out anti-racism training for all employees and we’re implementing equity-driven recruitment practices.

On March 21, please join our Kitchener community, together with the Immigration Partnership and our partners throughout Waterloo Region, as we stand against racial discrimination.  

Share your own messages using the hashtag #IamWRagainstdiscrimination. 

Mayor Berry Vrbanovic, on behalf of Kitchener Council