The Province of Ontario requires residents to show proof of full vaccination when entering certain indoor settings and facilities. This policy impacts community centres, arenas, indoor pools and other city facilities.

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  2. Proof of vaccination requirements
  3. Full vaccination
  4. When you need proof of vaccination
  5. Proof of vaccination exemptions
  6. Free proof of vaccination printing
  7. Get vaccinated against COVID-19
  8. Questions

Entering city facilities

When you enter a city facility where proof of vaccination is required:

Some exemptions apply.

Proof of vaccination requirements

When asked for your proof of vaccination, you can show staff a paper or digital copy of your enhanced vaccine certificate with QR code. As of January 10, 2022, patrons must provide an enhanced QR code certificate as proof of a valid medical exemption. You will also need to show staff identification with your name and birth date.

Acceptable proof of vaccination

Valid forms of proof of vaccination include:

Download your Ontario proof of vaccination

If you don't have a printer or access to a computer, you can print a copy of your proof of vaccination for free.

Acceptable proof of identification

Your proof of identification does not need to be photo ID. Proof of identity can be established using documentation issued by an institution or public body, provided it includes your name and date of birth.

Valid proof of identification includes:

  • birth certificate
  • citizenship card
  • driver’s license
  • government (Ontario or other) issued identification cards
  • Indian Status Card (secure, unsecure, or expired) or Indigenous Membership Card
  • passport
  • Permanent Resident card

Full vaccination

Residents entering certain city facilities need to show proof of full vaccination against COVID-19.

You are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 if you have received:

You must receive your final dose of the COVID-19 vaccine at least 14 days before providing the proof of being fully vaccinated.

When you need proof of vaccination

You need to show proof of vaccination when:

  • entering any indoor pools, arenas, recreation facilities & community centres
  • dining indoors at the Kitchener Market or Doon Valley Golf Course
  • using city facilities for a meeting or event space
  • you are a coach, official or volunteer involved in an activity or program

Some exemptions apply.

Proof of vaccination exemptions

You do not need to show proof of vaccination when:

  • accessing critical government services at City Hall (examples: to get a business license or marriage license, apply for a permit, submit a development application, pay a bill)
  • accessing critical services (examples: food distribution programs, warming or cooling centres, voting, using public washrooms, use of public access computers, mental health and addictions supports)
  • shopping or eating outdoors at the Kitchener Market
  • golfing or accessing the pro shop, washrooms or patios at Kitchener golf courses
  • attending a religious, wedding, or funeral service, rite or ceremony at a city facility
  • attending a social gathering associated with a funeral, service, rite, ceremony or at a Kitchener cemetery

You do not need to show proof of vaccination if you are included in the groups below:

  • children under 12 years of age (important: parents or guardians supervising children must show proof of vaccination)
  • those with a documented medical exemption, listed on page nine of this document

Free proof of vaccination printing

If you don’t have a printer at home, you can print a copy of your proof of vaccination for free at any:

To use a public access computer at a community centre, you can either book an appointment ahead of time or ask staff when you get to the centre. If there are no computers available when you arrive, staff will help you reserve time to use a computer.

Please plan to print your proof of vaccination well before your scheduled program or service to avoid missing it.

Get vaccinated against COVID-19

Learn about the COVID-19 vaccines on the Region of Waterloo’s website.

You can book an appointment to get vaccinated at a regional vaccine clinic or at a local pharmacy.


What if I don’t want to share my vaccination status?

It is up to your discretion to decide if you want to disclose their vaccination status. If you make the decision not to divulge this information, you will not be permitted to access settings that require proof of vaccination.

Where can I get assistance downloading my QR Code certificate?

You can visit your local library or ask a trusted friend or family member to help you download and print a copy of your enhanced vaccine certificate with a QR code or can call the Provincial Vaccine Contact Centre at 1-833-943-3900 to have your vaccine certificate mailed to you. This process could take up to 10 business days. You can also visit a Service Ontario centre to receive a printed copy.

Members of the Indigenous community may contact their band office, nursing station, Indigenous service provider or Indigenous health provider for assistance printing their vaccine certificate.

Will staff be vaccinated?

To ensure the health and safety of all members of its workforce and the broader City of Kitchener community, the City of Kitchener has implemented a mandatory verification of vaccination policy requiring staff, students, volunteers and members of council to provide proof of full vaccination, written proof of a medical or Ontario Human Rights Code reason for exemption or undergo regular rapid antigen testing. All staff must follow this policy and have met one of these requirements before reporting to work.

Do I need to show proof of vaccination for outdoor programs?

No. Proof of vaccination is only required for certain high-risk indoor settings.

Can I enter the facility to supervise my child if I’m unvaccinated?

No, parents and guardians entering to supervise a child participating in an organized sport or recreational activity must provide proof of vaccination or a valid medical exemption or make arrangements for a vaccinated guardian to attend with your child.

If I am not vaccinated, can I drop off my child for their program without supervision?

A vaccinated guardian needs to be present with children under 7 years old.

Will a recent and dated anti-body reactive test result or negative rapid antigen test allow for admission instead of full vaccination?


I had COVID-19 in the past and am not vaccinated. Can I enter these city facilities?

No, a previous infection is not a substitute for being fully vaccinated. The National Advisory Committee on Immunization recommends individuals with prior COVID-19 infection be immunized as it better protects them from reinfection given the emergence of new strains, variants of concern (VOCs), etc.

What if I have a red and white health card?

If you have a red and white health card, you can call the Provincial Vaccine Booking Line at 1-833-943-3900. The call centre agent can email you a copy of your receipt.

I don’t have a health card. Where can I get a copy of my vaccination receipt?

If you don’t have a health card, call the Region of Waterloo at 519-514-1499 or send them an email. Let them know that you don’t have a health card, then tell them your full name, email address and phone number.

If you got all your vaccine doses outside of Ontario, the Region of Waterloo cannot give you an Ontario proof of vaccination at this time. A vaccination receipt from another jurisdiction that shows the holder is fully vaccinated can be used as proof of vaccination until further updates are available.

If you received any vaccine doses outside of Ontario, report it to Public Health and we will register these doses in the Province’s electronic immunization record.

What if I can’t get vaccinated?

As of January 10, 2022, if you are unable to be vaccinated for a medical reason, you will be required to present an enhanced vaccine certificate with a QR code as verification of a valid medical exemption. All valid medical exemptions will be scanned and verified using the Verify Ontario app. Proof of vaccination will not be required for patrons under 12 years old. 

Can I get a refund?

If you are currently registered for a program and want to request a refund, please contact the program facility directly.

Can I use a third party application, like the one created by Grassroots Vaccine Ontario?

Since third party apps are not sanctioned or approved by the province at this time, staff are unable to accept this as proof of vaccination. Direction has been provided by Public Health to ensure that documentation has the Ministry of Health logo/insignia.

You can download your enhanced vaccine certificate with a QR code.