In response to the challenges faced by restaurant and bar owners due to COVID-19, our patio expansion program helps speed up approvals for new or expanded temporary outdoor patios.

On this page:

  1. Permanent existing patios
  2. Extend your patio for winter 2022

Permanent existing patios

If you have a permanent licensed patio, you do not need any further approvals from the City of Kitchener. You must operate in compliance with the requirements of the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario.

The extension approvals are only required for operators looking to temporarily expand their patio into parking lots or parts of the property that were not used for patios before the pandemic.

Extend your patio for winter 2022

If you operated an expanded patio in 2021, and want to use your patio during the winter months of 2022, you must contact us before using your patio.

To request approval of an extension, email our Manager of Licensing and confirm all of the following:

  • you are not changing the footprint or layout that was approved for 2021
  • the patio footprint and layout will not obstruct proper snow clearing of surrounding walkways, parking areas, etc.
  • you will ensure the patio and any immediate surrounding walkways will remain free of snow and ice while in operation and will not cause any risk to patrons from falling ice
  • any use of outdoor heaters, tents, etc., will be done in compliance with all legislated requirements such as the Ontario Building Code, Ontario Fire Code, etc.
  • the patio will be operated in compliance with all relevant guidelines and requirements such as those of any Public Health agency, the Alcohol & Gaming Commission of Ontario, etc.

Please note that we may refuse to provide an extension if you have any outstanding bylaw complaints relating to the operation of your patio, or your patio was subject to significant complaints or violations in 2021. Extensions will be valid until March 31, 2022.

In early spring, you will be able to apply for approval to operate for the rest of 2022. Subscribe to this page to get an email when we add information about the rest of 2022.

If you do not meet the requirements above, you want to extend a patio operated on city property (example: sidewalk) or want to create a new patio expansion for which you have not previously been approved, please send us an email.