Brownfield remediation


Over the last number of years, the City of Kitchener has put a new spin on recycling through the renewal and revitalization of former manufacturing properties and historic buildings. By helping to transform them into new residential or office space, we are underscoring our commitment to preserving the local environment.

Redeveloping these lands opens the door to: 

  • New economic and residential growth
  • Creation of additional recreational spaces
  • Strong financial opportunities for property owners, developers, the city and the public.

In many cases, these sites have exceptional potential, offering prime locations, existing infrastructure and a solid return on investment.

Over the past few years, we've been successful in attracting significant levels of private-sector investment to partner with us in the clean-up of our contaminated lands -- which can be attributed to a combination of sound financial incentives, aggressive city marketing and successful staff-client relationships.

We have partnered with the Region of Waterloo in offering a program of financial incentives including:

  • Reduction in regional development charges
  • Building credits for city development charges; and
  • A joint tax increment program

This Brownfield Financial Incentive Program enables us to:

  • Work with you to obtain financial assistance for environmental assessments, site clean-up and other costs related to brownfield remediation and redevelopment. 
  • Inform you of additional financial assistance that may be available. 
  • Guide and assist you with the planning approvals process. 
  • Assist you to ensure a quicker return on investment.

Some of the successful redevelopments that have come about as a result of our support for brownfield remediation include:

  • Kaufman Lofts, a factory-to-loft conversion
  • The InTowns - Highland & Queen, a former industrial site now fully developed with town homes
  • The Tannery District, now home to the Communitech Hub, Google and Desire2Learn

The results have greatly supported our environmental agenda, as well as our growth management strategy -- while strengthening our economy by converting vacant, non-tax-paying assets have turned into productive redevelopments.

For more information on the TIG program, please contact Rob Morgan at 519-741-2200 ext. 7734.


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