Backflow prevention


City of Kitchener works with the community to help ensure the quality of our drinking water by reducing the amount of backflow that occurs in the water system.  

Backflow essentially happens when water flows in the opposite direction. For instance, instead of running from the city's water system into a business or home, the water runs the reverse way. That means whenever a foreign substance, such as a bottle of weed killer is connected to the end of a garden hose, the potential for pollution is created. 

The problem is of particular concern for commercial, industrial, institutional and large multi-residential buildings. 

The installation of a mechanical device known as a backflow preventer (BFP) can stop this problem before it occurs. These devices ensure unwanted substances do not enter the city's clean water supply. 

We are determined to reduce backflow by ensuring more backflow preventers are being used across the city -- the primary reason why we've introduced a backflow prevention bylaw that that affects commercial, industrial, institutional and large multi-residential buildings. 

Many different BFP devices are available to protect the various types of cross connections. 

For more information on backflow prevention, please visit Kitchener Utilities to learn more on general requirements for backflow preventor (BFP) installations, recognized backflow prevention testers, and the backflow prevention device inspection and testing report.

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