Let's go, Kitchener! It's time to Make Tracks! Run, walk, roll or ride to explore your neighbourhood, with a 5 km route set up around each community centre in Kitchener. There's also a bonus route near the future site of the Huron-Brigadoon community centre.

On this page:

  1. About the challenge
  2. Get started
  3. Find a route
  4. Guidelines
  5. Stay hydrated
  6. Accessibility

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About the challenge

We've set up a 5 km Make Tracks route around each community centre in Kitchener, with a bonus route near the future site of the Huron-Brigadoon community centre. With 15 locations in total, there is one to enjoy near you. Make sure you check out the fun, fact-filled story map designed for each route.

Get some fresh air and exercise, and learn a little bit about your community. You can challenge friends and family to find their favourite route and challenge yourself to do your best, too.

Get started

Follow these steps to start your local Make Tracks challenge:

  1. Find a community centre near you.
  2. Visit the story map to plan your route and learn a little more about your neighbourhood.
  3. Pick a time and date that works for you! No sign up. No fee. This is a self-guided challenge.
  4. Challenge yourself to complete as much of the 5 km route as you can and challenge friends and family to do the same. You can do the routes as often as you’d like and try to improve each time.
  5. Share your journey and make challenges on social media using #MakeTracksKitchener.
  6. You are ready to Make Tracks!

Find a route

Use the links below to open each community centre's Make Tracks story map:

You can also print off a paper map:


  • follow all current COVID-19 guidelines, including physical distancing with people from outside of your household
  • if your chosen route is too busy when you arrive, you can return at another time or find an alternate location
  • you may start or stop anywhere along the route(s)
  • all participants are to keep to the trail system, sidewalks and/or boulevards and obey the rules of the road as outlined in the Highway Traffic Act
  • community centre buildings are closed and washrooms are not available

Stay hydrated

A friendly tip from Kitchener Utilities to stay hydrated during your challenge: remember to fill your reusable water bottle before you Make Tracks. Did you know you can fill a 500 ml water bottle over 350 times with Kitchener tap water for only $1?


Accessibility was considered in the planning stages by choosing routes with no scheduled construction work. Unplanned, temporary disruptions may occur. Visit our road closures page to stay up to date.

If you need this information or any document contained on this site provided in another format, please contact our Corporate Contact Centre for help at 519-741-2345.