Youth drop-in programs


Providing safe places for youth to have fun and learn new skills is an important element of every healthy community. Ours is no different.

Youth Services at the City of Kitchener helps coordinate these opportunities through our youth drop-in programs, which run year-round in every neighbourhood.

Our drop-in programs are:

  • open to youth, ages 12 to 17 (*exceptions: KCI, Jean Steckle, Chicopee Hills and Williamsburg programs)
  • fully supervised

Youth Drop-in is designed to provide a safe, supportive, and supervised space for youth to hang out.  It offers optional and flexible recreation and leisure programs tailored to the specific needs and wants of program participants. Our programs give youth in every part of our city a chance to play sports, games and music, make art and crafts, learn to cook, and more.

School year youth drop-in days and locations





Summer youth drop-in programs

Summer youth drop-in is finished for the season. 



For more information on our youth drop-in programs, call us at 519-741-2200 x 7603.

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