Wedding locations


Hold your wedding or reception at a City of Kitchener facility!

The City of Kitchener has 17 locations where you can hold your wedding or host your reception.

With our variety of facilities, you are sure to find a place that is just the right size and suits your budget.

A great feature is that many of our locations offer excellent settings for your pictures to help make your day flow smoothly.

You can get your marriage licence at Kitchener City Hall.

Each of these sites are also available to be rented for a wide range of events, special occasions and meetings.

Our complete list of places to celebrate:

Wedding photo locations

Indoor Locations

Rotunda - Kitchener City Hall (200 King St. W.) - The rotunda in Kitchener City Hall offers a fabulous backdrop for any wedding photo. This space is free to use and is first come, first serve, but we recommend that you contact us to make sure there are no events going on. Please contact Marianne Shilling.

Outdoor Locations

  • Victoria Park, Downtown Kitchener (Gaukel Street/Joseph Street intersection) - Located just a short walk from Kitchener City Hall, this jewel in the heart of downtown is perfect for outdoor summer photos. There is no cost to use the park; however, we recommend that you contact us to make sure there are no events happening. Please contact Marianne Shilling.
  • Rockway Gardens (7 Floral Cres.) - Tended by the Kitchener Horticultural Society, Rockway Gardens is a favourite spot for wedding and special event photography. No permit or fee is required; however, a donation is appreciated. For more information, please call 519-745-4669
  • Williamsburg Cemetery (1541 Fischer Hallman Rd.) - Gracing the centre of the country setting, surrounded by ponds and wildlife, it is a magically simplistic, yet charming setting, for your wedding day. You will also find an early 19th century chapel sitting at the end of a meandering drive on quiet, serene grounds.

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