Tobogganing Hills


All City-designated tobogganing hills are now closed for the season.

Sliding down safely at City parks

The City of Kitchener has inspected and designated McLennan Park, Hillside Park, and Foxglove Park for offering the safest opportunities to enjoy tobogganing.

These hills are not staffed by the City. While the City tries to incorporate changes to make tobogganing safer, adult supervision is recommended. Use good judgement going up, and down any of the designated hills.

McLennan Park

901 Ottawa Street South

We are making improvements to the flow of people onto the hill, marking areas for users to walk back up the hill, accessing the hill from the parking lot, and marking one area for tobogganing.

Hillside Park

15 Hill Street

The hill has been marked to ensure that users have a safe experience, with a long outrun that avoids the baseball diamond. There is no parking at Hillside Park so visiting tobogganers will have to walk to the park.

Foxglove Park

28 Foxglove Crescent

Foxglove Park is one of Kitchener’s newest parks. It offers a specifically designed junior hill with a short, gentle slope. There is no parking at Foxglove Park so visiting tobogganers will have to walk to the park.

Safety tips

  • Only toboggan on recognized areas, and make sure there’s nothing blocking your path down the hill
  • Toboggans can move around on a slope and you will not always make it straight down the hill, so remember to check for obstacles on both the left and right sides of the areas you are planning to go down
  • Wait for other users to clear the hill before you start your descent
  • Use recognized lanes outside of the toboggan hill to return to the top
  • Clear the bottom of the hill promptly to allow the next person to start their run
  • Only have one person tobogganing on a run at a time
  • You don’t need to start at the top. Find a point of the hill you are comfortable with starting from. The lower down the hill, the more control you’ll have over your speed
  • Know where you are and carry a cell phone in case there’s an accident
  • Hills will be closed when conditions are not appropriate for tobogganing. Please read and adhere to the signage provided at these locations


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