Tennis courts


If terms like 'forecourt,' 'drop shot' and 'lob' are part of your regular vocabulary, our 17 neighbourhood tennis courts are guaranteed to meet your needs.

Our courts are free of charge and available on a first-come, first-served basis:

  • Admiral Park, 93 Roxborough Ave.
  • Belmont Park, 285 Belmont Ave. W.
  • Budd Park, 1111 Homer Watson Blvd.
  • Kaufman Park, 104 Stirling Ave. S.
  • Heritage Park, 30 Halifax Dr.
  • Country Hills Park, 365 Country Hill Dr.
  • Eby Park, 137 Holborn Dr.
  • Forest Heights Collegiate Institute, 255 Fischer Hallman Rd.
  • Franklin Park, 335 Franklin St. N.
  • George Lippert Park, 200 Weber St. W.
  • Glendale Park, 130 Glen Rd.
  • Highland Courts, 120 Highland Rd. E.
  • Margaret Avenue, 325 Louisa St.
  • Montgomery Park, 135 Montgomery Rd.
  • Stanley Park Senior Public School, 191 Hickson Dr.
  • Sunnyside Public School, 1042 Weber St. E.
  • Weber Park, 380 Frederick St.

Whether you're looking to squeeze in a short lunch-hour set, or some quality time to practise technique - there's a nearby court waiting for your 'serve' and 'stance.'

Interested in seeing where the closet tennis court is to your location? Access the interactive story map to find local parks and trails locations. Click Parks story map, input the address, then click locate amenities near you. 

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