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There are so many aquatic programs available to support your fitness goals and there is something for every age and level of interest. Whether you're looking for something low key or something that is challenging, you will find it here.

Pay as you go aquatic fitness

Regardless of your fitness level, aqua fitness can provide you with a great workout in the water. Aqua fitness gives a total body workout in a non-competitive, instructor-led, atmosphere where you are free to go at your own pace. 

The City of Kitchener Aquatics division offers a variety of drop in, pay as you go, aquatic fitness programs which are led by qualified instructors.  These programs are geared for all levels of fitness.

Aqua cardio - shallow water
Primarily focuses on improving cardiovascular fitness and muscular endurance. Large, full body movements will get your heart pumping and increase breathing.  Offered at Breithaupt CentreCameron Heights PoolForest Heights Pool, and Lyle Hallman Pool
Aqua cardio - deep water
Takes place in the deep end. Floatation belt, or pool noodle, is worn for this class. Participants should be comfortable in deep water. You will work on cardiovascular conditioning as well as muscular strength and endurance.  Offered at Breithaupt CentreLyle Hallman Pool, and Forest Heights Pool.
Aqua strength - warm water pool
Primarily focuses on increasing muscular strength by working against the buoyancy of water and creating turbulence. Equipment may be used at the discretion of the instructor. Offered at Breithaupt Centre, Forest Heights Pool, and Lyle Hallman Pool.
Aqua stretch - warm water pool
Primarily focuses on improving the flexibility of muscles. A variety of stretches will be used to increase range of motion, improve balance and develop muscle tone for daily activities. Offered at Breithaupt Centre and Forest Heights Pool.
 Aquability - warm water pool
Focuses on maintaining mobility and independence in a safe and social atmosphere. Participants work at their own pace with certified instructors who have in-depth knowledge and training regarding pain management and movements of daily living. Key components include: active stretching to improve range of motion, relaxation and breathing techniques for pain management, and walking and gait training.
Registered aquatic fitness programs 

You can register for any of the following programs through ACTIVE Net or by visiting any one of our city pools.

Aqua cycle

This class on our Hydrorider bikes will get your heart pumping! The program includes plenty of cardio with muscular strengthening for your legs, arms and core. Participants can adjust the resistance of the bikes to suit their individual fitness level. Wearing water shoes and shorts is highly recommended to increase comfort on the bike.

Offered at Breithaupt Centre and Cameron Heights Pool.

Prenatal water yoga

Keep active and feel good throughout your pregnancy without the extra strain on your body. Let the pool water safely support you while you relax stressed muscles and tendons. Yoga poses help tone your muscles, improve your circulation and physically prepare you for the birth process.

Offered at Forest Heights Pool. 

Water yoga

Doing Yoga in the pool is ideal if you find it challenging doing it on the floor. With the support of the water, it helps to take the pressure off your joints, making it a more enjoyable experience.

Offered at Forest Heights Pool. 

Mom and me water yoga (3 months to 12 months)

Splashing and playing in yoga style, deep breathing, stretching, releasing and strengthening.  A chance to connect with your baby one on one & other mothers immersed in warm water. This is an opportunity to get out & feel good with yoga, singing, signing, & splashing.

Offered at Forest Heights Pool. 

Masters swim club

This program is geared towards dedicated adult swimmers whose skills ranger from beginner fitness to serious triathlete. Three lanes of training are provided:  beginner, intermediate and intense.

Offered at Cameron Heights Pool and Forest Heights Pool.

Masters technique

Do you want to improve your swimming skills? Let our coach help you increase your level of fitness, train for a triathlon or make your strokes more efficient.

Our coach will give all of your strokes an analysis and break it down to fully improve your technique and ability. You will see improvement as each workout is designed for each swimmer. You will enjoy various workouts, including timed distance swims, stroke drills, and one-on-one review of your technique. Must be comfortable in deep water and able to swim 50m.  

Offered at Cameron Heights Pool. 

Registered sports programs

You can register for any of the following programs through ACTIVE Net or by visiting any one of our city pools.

Triathlon training

Challenging new program which uses the properties of water to fine tune swimming, biking, running techniques, build strength and endurance and prevent injuries. Must be able to swim 25 metres and be comfortable in deep water. Three levels of training.

Offered at Cameron Heights Pool.

Learn to dive

The K-W Diving Club provides coaching for this beginner level diving program. Children must be at Level H or passed City of Kitchener swim admission test to register. Participants will start their classes learning basic positions, jumps and simple dives. Progressing at your own pace, divers will build on their fundamental skills to learn more advanced dives in the backward and inward directions as well as somersaulting skills.

Offered at Forest Heights Pool, Breithaupt Centre and Cameron Heights Pool. 

Learn to race (ages 6 - 14 years)

Participants will have the opportunity to improve their swimming techniques for front crawl, back crawl, breast stroke and butterfly. Children will also learn proper starts and turns along with personal goal setting to improve their swimming.  Prerequisite - must be able to swim 25 metres. Swim meet at Cameron Heights Pool.  

Offered at Breithaupt Centre, Cameron Heights PoolForest Heights Pool, and Lyle Hallman Pool. 

Fun and fit waterpolo (ages 8 - 9 years)

The fun and fit way to have fun in the water while you learn to play Waterpolo. Program is coached by the KW Waterpolo Club. Participants will be introduced to the basic of Waterpolo and will get a good vigorous workout while having fun. For girls and boys who are 8-9 years old, are comfortable in the water and can swim a minimum of 10-15metres  (level F or G equivalent). 

Offered at Breithaupt Centre.

School programming

Choose from a variety of programs, available at indoor and outdoor pools.  Cost is dependent on number of pupils attending class trips.
  • Swim to Survive: This program works on the minimum skills required to recover from an accidental fall into deep water.
  • Swim to Survive + (Plus): This program builds on the Swim to Survive skills required to recover from an accidental fall into deep water.
  • Class trips
  • Swim lessons
  • Recreational swims (swim admission guidelines apply)
  • Aquatic fitness programs for gym classes
  • Swim team rentals

If you are interested in any of the above programs, please contact your local pool.

Mermaid Tails

Mermaid tails have become a new trend this season, and many swimmers are interested in practicing their dolphin swim in both private and public pools within the city.

Although the mermaid tails are fun, there are some things parents and child-minders should keep in mind with regards to safety and the use of mermaid tails in the pool.

Here's what you need to know

  • Mermaid tails should only be used with adult supervision-Do not leave child unattended while using the device
  • Only experienced swimmers should use mermaid tails
  • Mermaid should learn the proper dolphin kick technique, and practice with mono fin by itself

City of Kitchener pools are allowing use of mermaid tails during public swims at the discretion of the head guard on duty. The head guard will assess the volume of swimmers, and the space required to safely use the tail in the pool to determine if it can be used.

Once the head guard has assessed and approved the pool area for mermaid tails, experienced users who pass the mermaid swim test may swim in the pool without assistance. Novice swimmers will be required to swim within guardian's arms reach at all times

Swim test qualifications

The mermaid swim test will require the mermaid to demonstrate that they can dolphin kick on their front for a minimum of eight meters with the ability to put their face in the water and take at least one breath without putting their feet on the bottom of the pool. At eight meters the mermaid must be able to move into an upright position, change directions and return to the starting location on their back.

Please note that mermaid tails will need to be removed to walk on the pool deck, or use the slide or diving board.

City of Kitchener pool staff will continue to monitor the use of mermaid tails at pool facilities, and may adjust the policy on mermaid tails if required.

Stay safe and have fun!

 Swimming camps

The city offers full day camps for children who like variety! Campers will participate in outdoor and indoor activities, including a daily swim. View all camp information on our website and session dates and register on ACTIVE Net

 Lifeguard courses

Becoming a lifeguard allows you to learn how to teach and share your passion for swimming with others. Find out more about why lifeguarding might be for you, and the steps you can take to become one! 

Swimming fees


  • Single: $6
  • 5 tickets: $28
  • 20 tickets: $111.50
  • 60 tickets: $311.75
  • 3 month pass: $188.10
  • 3 month pass + Aquafit: $250.75
  • Daily pass: $9.35
  • Weekend pass: $15.75

Child (0-17) and senior (55+) 

  • Single: $4
  • 5 tickets: $18.25
  • 20 tickets: $70.05
  • 60 tickets: $197.75
  • 3 month pass: $119.70
  • 3 month pass + Aquafit: $159.55
  • Daily pass: $6
  • Weekend pass: $10


  • Single family admission: $13.25
  • 5 family admission tickets: $58.50
  • 3 month family pass: $276.85
  • Daily family pass: $21.25
  • Weekend family pass: $35.50

Register online or in person

Please note: Our new online registration program - ACTIVE Net - is now up and running. To register for a program, you'll need to activate your existing account or create a new account. Visit our ACTIVE Net page to learn how. 

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