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The City of Kitchener shares information with the public using a variety of tools - including two publications Active Kitchener and Kitchener Life which are delivered right to homes throughout the city. Both publications are delivered four times per year to more than 60,000 homes in Kitchener. Copies of the publications are also available at community centres and other city facilities.

Active Kitchener
Active Kitchener is Kitchener's program and activities guide designed to help residents take part in activities that contribute to a healthy lifestyle and participation and involvement in the community. It includes information about activities and opportunities, registration and services that support residents' ability to participate in direct and indirect city programs (including those offered by our neighbourhood associations and community partners).

Active Kitchener is delivered four times per year to approximately 65,000 homes in Kitchener. 

Ad submission forms
Please give us a call 519-741-2391 or send us an email.
  • Returning customer order form. (deadline for the summer issue has passed.)
  • New customer order form. (deadline for the summer issue has passed.)

Advertising is now closed for the Summer issue.

2018 deadlines and distribution dates


 Advertisement due date

 Distribution date


 Wednesday, Jan. 10

 Friday, Feb. 16


 Wednesday, April 4

 Friday, May 11


 Wednesday, June 27

 Friday, Aug. 3


 Wednesday, Oct. 3

 Friday, Nov. 9

Ad rates

We offer two rate scales -- one for registered non-profits and another for for-profit businesses. In order to qualify for the non-profit rate, your organization must provide a registered charitable or non-profit number.

The 2018 rates are:

Ad sizes

Ad dimensions

For-profit rates

Non-profit rates

Colour options   

Back cover

8.125" x 10.625 (trim size)



Front inside cover

8.125" x 10.625 (trim size)



Full page colour

8.125" x 10.625 (trim size)



Black and white options   

Full page

7.125" wide by 9.125" high



Half-page horizontal

7.125" wide by 4.5" high



Half-page vertical

3.375" wide by 9.125" high



Quarter page

3.375" wide by 4.5" high



Eighth page

3.375" wide by 2.185" high



If you require changes to your advertisement, a minimum $100 per hour design fee will apply.

Advertising in all four issues pays off! If you place the same size advertisement in all four issues each year, starting with the spring edition and ending with the winter edition, you will receive a 20 per cent discount on the winter billing.

Payment is not required at the time of ad submission. Your organization will be invoiced after the publication is delivered.

Advertising submission information


Final placement of ads depends on layout requirements (exact positioning cannot be guaranteed). Pre-determined categories are available .


You must provide an email address to receive a proof of your ad. Proofs will be sent to all advertisers to avoid errors. If we do not hear back from you by the date specified with your proof, the ad will run as it was sent to you.If you require changes to your advertisement, a minimum $100 per hour design fee will apply.

We do not accept hard copy or camera-ready artwork. Ads must be submitted digitally.

Ad formats

Please make sure file is the correct dimensions. All ads inside the book at black and white. Limited, premium placement colour ads are also available.

File formats

Accepted formats

  • .pdf (with all fonts included)
  • .jpg (resolution at 300 dpi minimum)
  • .tif (resolution at 300 dpi minimum all fonts rastered)
  • .eps (with all images embedded and all fonts outlined)
  • .ai (with all images embedded and all fonts outlined)

The following formats will not be accepted.

  • .doc or .docx
  • .xls or .xlsx
  • .pub
  • .png

If you prepare your ad in one of these formats, please save or export it as a .pdf or high res .jpg file before sending.

Kitchener Life 

Kitchener Life is a new publication from the City of Kitchener intended to share information about some of the amazing people, places, projects and events happening around Kitchener. Each issue will feature information and tips for your health, for your home, and of course, for your hood.

Ad submission
Kitchener Life is an eight page newsletter intended to share information with the public. Advertising space is limited. Please call 519-741-2391 or email to inquire about availability.
2018 deadlines and distribution dates


 Advertisement due date

 Distribution date


 Thursday, April 26

 Thursday, May 31


 Monday, July 23

 Thursday, Sept. 13


 Friday, Oct. 26

 Thursday, Dec. 6

Ad rates

Actual Page Size: 11.875" wide by 14.75" high

Page is divided into 12 blocks in 3 columns and 4 rows. Each block is 3.375" wide by 3.4" high

Ads can be purchased in the following configurations. All ads placed will be full colour.

Ad  Ad size Blocks Specs Rate
A Full page 12x12 10.375" wide by 14" high $2700
B Half page horizontal 3x12 10.375" wide by 6.94" high $1350
C 1/12 page 1x1 3.375" wide by 3.4" high $225
D 1/6 page horizontal 2x1 6.875" wide by 3.4" high $450
E 1/6 page vertical 1x2 3.375" wide by 6.94" high $450
F 1/4 page horizontal 3x1 10.375" wide by 3.4" high $675
G 1/4 page vertical  1x3 3.375" wide by 10.4735" high $675
H 1/3 page horizontal 2x2 6.875" wide by 6.94" high $900
I 1/3 page vertical  1x4 3.375" wide by 14" high $900
J  1/2 page vertical 2x3 6.875" wide by 10.4735" high $1350
K  3/4 page 3x3 10.375" wide by 10.4735" high $2025
L  2/3 page 2x4 6.875" wide by 14" high $1800

The city has other advertising opportunities available. Learn more about how to partner with us.

For more information, please contact us at 519-741-2391.

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