Lyle Hallman Pool


All City of Kitchener pools are closed for public use

The Province has announced a provincewide shutdown beginning on Saturday, Dec. 26 at 12:01 a.m. Please only leave your home for essential trips, only gather with those in your household and stay connected with friends and family virtually. Read more.

Visit our COVID-19 updates page to learn what's open and closed as well as how city services are affected.

Registration and payment

  • Swim times will be limited to 45 minutes in the pool.
  • Registration is required before visiting Lyle Hallman pool.
  • Registration for all programs opens 7 days prior to the start of the program
  • Swim tickets and cash payments must be done in person at time of booking 
  • Register now on ActiveNet. If you do not have an ActiveNet account, you will have to create one before registering. 

Important information about your visit

Visitors under the age of 18 must be accompanied by someone 18+ who will be responsible for ensuring physical distancing for members of their group.

Temporary safety measures are in place to comply with Waterloo region Public health guidelines.

  • Access to showers, change space, washrooms, hair dryers and drinking fountains will be limited during your visit.
  • Where possible shower at home before and after your visit.
  • Come dressed for bathing.
  • Lockers will not be available. Bring a bag for your belongings while in the pool. You will be directed to bring your belongings to designated areas on the pool deck.
  • Pool equipment will be limited. If you need equipment for support or training purposes, please bring it from home. Pool toys will not be permitted.
  • Some amenities will remain closed including slides and diving board.
  • Pool programs at reopening will be lane swims, aquafitness, adult swims and family swims.
  • Please respect the signage and directions from staff.

Swimming fees

Adult: $6

Child or senior: $4

Family (max. 2 adults and children from their family or household): $13.65

As a part of the Grand River Recreation Complex, Lyle Hallman Pool offers lessons for all ages as well as weekly classes, lane swims and recreational swims in a clean, bright space.

Hours of operation (open year-round)
Day Time
Monday to Friday

8 a.m. - 8 p.m.

Saturday and Sunday

9 a.m. - 8 p.m.

Please note that facility doors will be locked 15 minutes after the start of the last program of each day.

Lyle Hallman Pool will be closed on these days:

  • December 24 to 26
  • December 31
  • January 1

Swimming lessons

Registration for Fall lessons is now open through ActiveNet.

The 'Learn To Swim' programming returns for Fall with three blocks of four week sessions being offered at Lyle Hallman Pool (LHP) from September to December. Each session will consist of one lesson per week, for four consecutive weeks. Session 1 will begin during the last two weeks of September and registration is now open through ActiveNet. Sessions 2 and 3 will follow in November and December, with registration expected to open for both on Oct 5.  

Changes to the 'Learn To Swim' programing include:

  • All class capacity will be set to 4
  • Parents must provide in water support for their child up to successful completion of level H
  • Some levels are combined to offer greater options
  • All lessons, except for the infant and toddler programs, will last 45 minutes
  • Three, four-week sessions will begin in September and run to December, unless otherwise notified
'Learn To Swim' - swimming level descriptions
New for 2020: Due to physical distancing requirements between instructors and children, parents or caregivers will be required to provide in water support for certain levels. See the descriptions below for more information.

Class Capacity: refers to the number of swimmers permitted with one instructor.

Objective: refers to the goal of the level.

Level Highlights: refers to some of the new skills introduced in this level.

Private Lessons

Children that cannot pass the facility swim test (comfortably perform a recognizable stroke on their front for a minimum of 15m without touching the bottom, while demonstrating the ability to take their head in and out of the water to breathe) will require in-water support from a parent/guardian. If in doubt, please come prepared to swim for the first lesson 

  • Appropriate for all skill levels
  • Age: Any
  • Time: 30 minutes
  • Class Capacity: private and semi-private lessons available. For semi-private lessons, both children must be at similar skill level and part of the same family/social bubble
  • Objective: Let us know your goals! We can tailor the lessons just for you, or follow our City of Kitchener 'Learn to Swim' program
Adult and Tot/Adult and Tot Advanced

Age: 9 months – 30 months

Time: 30 min

Class Capacity: 4 (parent/caregiver participation required)

Objective: Building foundation swimming skills with parent through playful water discovery and introducing safe play in water with parent.

Level Highlights:

  • Entries and exits with assistance from parent/caregiver
  • Child voluntarily puts face in water
  • Child pushes off ledge or steps into water to parent/caregiver
  • Submersion with assistance from parent/caregiver

Toddler Program

Appropriate for swimmers previously in levels 'Tots and Sometimes Me' and 'Supertots'

Age: 2-3 years

Time: 30 min

Class capacity: 4 (parent/caregiver participation required)

Objective: Developing independence with instructor/facility while building foundation swimming skills through playful water discovery.

Level Highlights:

  • Vertical movement through water without assistance
  • Blow bubbles, unassisted
Level 1

Appropriate for swimmers previously in levels B, C, D, Level 1

Age: 3 years and older

Time: 45 min

Class capacity: 4 (parent/caregiver participation required)

Objective: Swimmers will learn how to submerge, float, glide on front and back, and jump into chest deep water.

Level Highlights:

  • Front/back float
  • Glides
  • Jump into chest deep water, unassisted
Level 2

Appropriate for swimmers previously in levels E, F, Level 2

Age: 4 years and older

Time: 45 min

Class Capacity: 4 (parent/caregiver participation required)

Objective: Swimmers will learn how to use forward underwater propulsive movement with arms

Level Highlights:

  • Front crawl
  • Back crawl
  • Eggbeater
  • Whip kick
  • 5 m and 10 m distance swim
Level 3

Appropriate for swimmers previously in levels G, H, Level 3

Age: 6 years and older

Time: 45 min

Class Capacity: 4 (parent/caregiver participation required)

Objective: Swimmers will develop confidence and independence in the water, swimmer will be introduced to deep water

Level Highlights:

  • Front crawl with side breathing
  • Side glide with arms
  • Whip kick on back
  • Breaststroke
  • Sitting dive entry
  • 15 m and 25 m distance swim
Level I

Age: 7 years or older

Time: 45 min

Class Capacity: 4

Objective: Swimmer will focus on stroke fundamentals.

Level Highlights:

  • Elementary backstroke
  • Dolphin kick
  • Entries: kneeling dive, forward roll
  • 50 m distance swim
Level J

Age: 7 years or older

Time: 45 min

Class capacity: 4

Objective: Swimmer will focus on stroke efficiency.

Level Highlights:

  • Sidestroke with scissor kick
  • Dive
  • Foot first surface dive
  • 75 m distance swim
Level K

Age: 8 years or older

Time: 45 min

Class Capacity: 4

Objective: Swimmer will develop strokes for lifelong training.

Level Highlights:

  • Butterfly
  • Eggbeater travelling backward with object
  • 150 m distance swim in 6 min
Level L

Age: 9 years or older

Time: 45 min

Class Capacity: 4

Objective: Swimmer will develop stroke endurance and water rescue skills.

Level Highlights:

  • Developing strokes for lifelong training
  • 250 m distance swim in 8 min
  • 25 m sprint in 40 sec
Level M

Age: 9 years or older

Time: 45 min

Class Capacity: 4

Objective: Swimmer will improve stroke endurance and water rescue skills.

Level Highlights:

  • Developing strokes for lifelong training
  • 400 m distance swim
Level N

Age: 10 years or older

Time: 45 min

Class Capacity: 4

Objective: Swimmer will review all strokes for proficiency and endurance.

Level Highlights:

  • 4.5 kg (10 lb) object support for 2 min
  • Timed swim: 350 m in 10 min
  • 50 m sprint in 50 sec 

Recreational swim schedule

You can register on ActiveNet for these swim types:

  • adult swim (18 and over)
  • aqua cardio (taught in alcove)
  • aqua cardio deep water
  • aqua stretch (taught in alcove)
  • family swim
  • lane swim - 25 metre pool

Book your Bubbles: book a private swim in the swirl pool for up to 8 people within your household bubble (including yourself) for $13.65.

Facility usage is limited to 90 minutes. No back to back swim bookings allowed.

Lyle Hallman Pool will not be having an annual shutdown this year.

Swimming fees


  • Single: $6
  • 5 tickets: $28.25
  • 20 tickets: $111.85
  • 60 tickets: $321.10
  • 3 month pass: $193.70
  • 3 month pass + Aquafit: $258.30
  • Daily pass: $9.63
  • Weekend pass: $16.23

Child (0-17) and senior (55+) 

  • Single: $4
  • 5 tickets: $18.50
  • 20 tickets: $70.35
  • 60 tickets: $200
  • 3 month pass: $123.30
  • 3 month pass + Aquafit: $164.35
  • Daily pass: $6.18
  • Weekend pass: $10.31


  • Single family admission: $13.65
  • 5 family admission tickets: $60.25
  • 3 month family pass: $285.15
  • Daily family pass: $21.89
  • Weekend family pass: $36.57

Swim admission guidelines

  • 0-6 years: Must be within 1 arm's reach of someone 12 years or older at all times, including if swim test has been passed (2:1 ratio)
  • 7-9 years: May swim alone if they pass the swim test, if not they must be within 1 arm's reach of someone 12 years or older at all times (3:1 ratio)
  • 10+ years: May swim alone
  • 12+ years: May supervise other swimmers (see ratios above)
  • Deep end swimmers: All swimmers must pass the swim test to enter the deep end. Swimmers of any age may be asked to complete the swim test at the discretion of the lifeguards.

To pass the swim test, swimmers must be able to comfortably perform a recognizable stroke on their front for a minimum of 15 meters with the ability to put their face in the water and take at least one (1) breath without putting their feet on the bottom of the pool.

Children ages 7-9 who successfully complete the test, or have completed Level H, will receive a Swim Test Card. Swim test cards must be presented prior to admission to a recreational swim.

Forgot your Swim Test Card? You will be required to complete another swim test.

Register online or in person

Please note: Our new online registration program - ACTIVE Net - is now up and running. To register for a program, you'll need to activate your existing account or create a new account. Visit our ACTIVE Net page to learn how. 

Rental information

A 25 metre pool, waterslide, sauna, warm water pool and family change room. For more information on renting the pool, call 519-741-2670.

Pool party package - currently not available
Package includes invitations, use of pool for 1.5 hours and party room for two hours.

Cost for 20 or less participants with meeting room: $141.25

Cost for 20 or less participants with multi-purpose room: $210.75

Please contact centre for availability.  

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