Facility rentals and bookings


Whether you're looking to rent space for a birthday party, a meeting, cultural event, stag and doe or even a wedding - the city has a number of options available to meet your needs and make your event or function memorable.

All of our facilities are smoke-free; and operate under a municipal alcohol policy to reduce potential problems related to alcohol consumption.

Most of our facilities are fully wheelchair-accessible, taking all of our guests' health and well-being into account.

We've put together a facility rental handbook, with important information on the city's regulations as they pertain to your event or function - including insurance, special-event permits, gambling/raffles, fire safety, decorating guidelines, set-up and clean-up.

Our facilities that are available to you for rent fall into the following categories:

Need more detail? Check out this chart with more details. Feel free to contact us with any questions or for more information.

We hope your visit with us is an enjoyable one.

Breastfeeding friendly. Anytime. Anywhere. The City of Kitchener operates family friendly facilities and supports breastfeeding mothers. 

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