Explore Kitchener


There's so much to see and do in Kitchener - for all tastes and all budgets.

Most of our festivals and special events are free, providing fun, new experiences for you to try, as well as a variety of learning opportunities. Our special events draw hundreds of thousands of residents and visitors from across the province and beyond each year.

Our community attractions offer a glimpse into our city's rich history and heritage through our local museums and historic sites; while our self-guided walking tours that allow you to see different parts of our city - as well as our diverse culture - from a past and present perspective.

In doing so, you will see we are a great champion of the grassroots - and often hidden - talents that exist in our own community.

Our many art galleries and museums showcase the dynamic skills of many artists - in many genres, while our quaint and cozy pubs and cafes feature live, local musicians whose talents drip with passion.

We are also home to the renowned Centre in the Square - a world-class concert hall frequented by major recording artists who revere its beauty and unsurpassed acoustics.

Kitchener prides itself as a green community - and we do everything we can to preserve, enhance and promote our parks, trails and natural areas. They are the perfect places to enjoy your pastimes - from walking and jogging, to sports and cycling.

Before you plan your excursion, feel free to drop by our visitor information centre for more details on all of the great amenities Kitchener has to offer.

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