Discounts for adults 55+


Providing every adult in our community easy access to valued programs and activities is our business. Here are a couple of ways we've recently reinforced our commitment.

Program Registration for older adults - at reduced rates

Many older adults, age 55 and over, in our community have either retired or are planning to wind down their working days soon. One of the first tasks on a new retiree's to-do list is looking for interesting, affordable leisure programs to join - opportunities that allow them to stay busy, meet new people - and even learn new skills.

We've made this process easy for older adults in our community by offering a variety of city-run programs at Rockway Centre, Breithaupt Centre  and Downtown Community Centre, tailored to participants 55+ at discounted prices.

All you need to do is register - either online or in person at any of our community centres. The discount for those 55+ will automatically be applied during registration.

Kitchener Group Card provides access to ongoing groups

Ongoing groups offer a variety of activities - from cards to walking groups, and tennis to woodcarving, providing adults of all ages new ways to connect with others who have similar interests.

Our Kitchener Group Card offers unlimited access to our ongoing groups that run at several community centres - without the need to register!

The cost of each Group Card is just $18.66 (ages 18-54) or $15.30 (age 55 and over) per year. Prices include tax; however, additional club fees may apply. The card is valid from September through August each year and can be purchased an any Community Centre.

Find more information, check out our brochure, call us at 519-741-2501 or talk to staff at the front desk at any local community centre for more information.

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