BMX bike park


If dirt-track racing and freestyle tricks are among your favourite pastimes, you'll want to check out McLennan bike park - our specialized cycling facility, geared to BMX and free-ride cyclists of all ages.

Located at McLennan Park on Ottawa Street South, our bike park features four dedicated bike courses, ranked appropriately -- beginner, intermediate and advanced, based on skill level. Check them out for yourself!

Here's a little more on each course:

Jump Park (beginner, intermediate and advanced)

The jump park features three independent lines for riders of different skill levels. Each course has a series of dirt jumps and rollers. The advanced run offers a grade change of 13 metres (43 feet) and a run of 152 metres (500 feet).

4X Course (intermediate)

The 4X course is for those who enjoy BMX and mountain bike racing. The 279-metre (915 feet) run offers a grade change of 28 metres (93 feet), and features a variety of jumps and banks. The course is designed for a maximum of four riders in a race format, but individual riders are also welcome.

Free Ride (beginner, intermediate and advanced)

The course features traditional West-Coast components such as skinnies, drop progressions, boulder gardens, a teeter totter and wall rides. The 183-metre (600 feet) course runs through a small wooded area, and offers a challenge for every user.

Pump Track (beginner)

This 53-metre (176 feet) circuit is an excellent area for novice riders to develop skills. The course features tight-banked corners, rollers and table tops.

Our bike park meets International Mountain Biking Association guidelines, ensuring the park provides a safe, yet challenging place to practise your skills and enjoy your hobby.

We have implemented a "biker's code," to which all bike-park users are expected to comply.

Terms of the code include:

  • Children under age six are not permitted to use the park;
  • Children between the ages of six and 12 must be under the constant supervision of an adult;
  • All riders must wear appropriate bike helmets; and
  • All park users must ride within their skill limits.


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