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2020 Artist in Residence: Behnaz Fatemi

Let's Make a Mark Together!

Each year, for the past 25 years, the City of Kitchener has welcomed an artist who shared their practice with the community. Indeed the mandate of the residency is a strong commitment to community engagement. 

This year, the City of Kitchener welcomes Behnaz Fatemi. Behnaz is a visual artist who explores various media including painting, drawing, installation and sculpture. Her original proposal – the Pegman Project (named after the small icon on Google maps) – called for working with clay with residents and various community groups. Then our world changed. How do you engage a wide range of community members in the act of making where the personal exchange of stories and the tactile media itself, are so important, but physical distancing calls for the exact opposite? How do you still enable the invaluable shared experience of communal gathering in times of COVID-19? Join Behnaz Fatemi on a journey that has become our journey in navigating our reality anew.

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Introducing Behnaz Fatemi

Behnaz Fatemi - originally from Iran - moved to Canada in 2018. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts from the University of Guilan, Rasht, Iran. She has an extensive exhibition history in Iran, and an upcoming exhibition at the Cambridge Centre for the Arts and the Canadian Clay & Glass Gallery in Waterloo. She is also scheduled to show her work at the studios of Art Incubate in Waterloo, which are part of Art$Pay – a not for profit local organization that provides in-depth tools for the visual arts sector.
Her interests include the human condition, politics, religion and personal beliefs. She hopes to encourage our community to share stories and reflections of how people’s lifestyles have been affected by the pandemic and the resultant quarantine.

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