Council compensation is governed by a policy that was adopted in 2002, following consultation and direction from a citizen advisor committee. Every year by March 31, we provide city council an itemized statement of remuneration and expenses paid in the previous year to:

  • City council members for their services as members of city council or any other bodies, such as local boards, to which they've either been appointed by city council, or on which they hold office by virtue of being on city council.
  • City council members for their services as officers or employees of either our municipality or other bodies, such as local boards.
  • Anyone, other than a city council member, for his or her services as a member of a body, such as a local board, to which he or she has been appointed by our municipality.

Sharing this information on an annual basis aligns with our commitment to operating as an open and transparent organization, and satisfies our obligation as a municipality to disclose this information, as set out in the Ontario Municipal Act.

Our statements for the past five years are available:

Council home office and technology expenses

In addition to statement of remuneration, you can download the specific details for council home office and technology expenses.