We're committed to helping suburban business owners develop marketing programs with the goal of improving their connections with their community and customers.

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About Love My Business

The Love My Business program supports suburban businesses impacted by COVID-19 restrictions by helping them re-engage with their customers and attract new ones through marketing initiatives and business support services. With the ultimate source of economic recovery lying in the spending potential of our residents, the Love My Business program focuses on building community and engaging customers through marketing collaborations.


Through the Love My Business program, we'll provide:

  • funding for community events in partnership with other Kitchener businesses
  • funding for marketing initiatives
  • one-on-one support from city staff to help with digital content creation


Find eligibility information on the Make it Kitchener website.


Apply online to join the Love My Business program. If you have any questions, send us an email.

Apply online

Applications close on October 31, 2022.