How to apply for a community grant (tier 2)

Community grants (tier 2) help organizations that work for the common good of Kitchener residents.

Learn more about community grants by watching our public information session on YouTube.

Internet-connected device and printer if filling out paper form.

Check that you are eligible

Only organizations in one of these areas are considered for funding:

  • arts and culture
  • special events
  • community support and development
  • sports and recreation (under age 18)

Tier 2 grants offer funding for:

  • operating support to enable the provision of the basic service of the organization
  • project support
  • special event support
  • equipment support
Fill out the application form
When applications are open, you can fill out the form linked from our community grants page.
Application review

The approval process includes:

  • staff review
  • Community and Infrastructure Services Committee review
  • council approval

Learn more on our community grants page.