Roos Island is currently closed for the completion of important infrastructure upgrades to the Heritage Bridge and Bandstand, as well as landscaping work.

On this page:

  1. Heritage Bridge
  2. Bandstand
  3. Horticulture, turf and forestry
  4. Reopening timeline
  5. Who to contact
  6. Encampments

Heritage Bridge

We completed several structural assessments on the Heritage Bridge in 2023. As a result of these assessments, we’re making safety upgrades to the bridge to reinforce its structural integrity. This work will include replacing all wood stringers and the wood decking.

We worked with a third-party engineering firm to develop a design package with technical specifications for this work. We are working to get the appropriate permits and approvals for this work. We plan to post a request for proposal later in 2023, with a contractor starting the work in early 2024.

Expected completion: spring 2024


We completed a condition assessment on the bandstand. As a result of this assessment, we’re making improvements that will include:

  • providing accessible access to the bandstand
  • exterior structure improvements
  • electrical and landscape upgrades

A conceptual design for the restoration is in development, and we plan to post a request for proposal later in 2023. We will request the appropriate permits and approvals over the winter.

Expected completion: spring 2024

We acknowledge the generosity of the Rotary Club of Kitchener for their $100,000 donation towards this project in celebration of their 100th anniversary.

Horticulture, turf and forestry

In 2023, our maintenance of Roos Island has included:

  • adding new soil
  • grading
  • aeration
  • grass seeding
  • flower bed and garden maintenance
  • tree maintenance work

We will continue maintenance in spring 2024.

Reopening timeline

We plan to partially reopen the island in spring 2024, including public access to the pathway through the island, with a full reopening of the island in late spring 2024. The community will celebrate the reopening of Roos Island with an acoustic concert series in summer 2024.

Who to contact

If you have questions about the renewal project, send us an email.


Visit our encampments page to learn about our approach to homelessness and encampments in Kitchener, including who to contact if you have encampment-related questions or concerns.