Parks and open spaces are the basis on which communities are built. They are where we play, walk our dog and exercise, where we meet our neighbours and celebrate together. Our Parks Strategic Plan guides where and how we build parks and what goes into a park in Kitchener.

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Parks Strategic Plan

In 2010, we developed the Parks Strategic Plan. This plan identified long-term objectives, priorities and strategies to deliver a system of parks and open spaces across Kitchener to serve the needs of our communities.

Through this plan, we laid out a network of neighbourhood parks, active parks and natural areas. These spaces are connected by community trails and the Grand River Corridor to support recreation and leisure for everyone in Kitchener.

The plan helps guide how we build parks and open spaces in new communities as Kitchener grows. Our goals are:

  • give residents access to a neighbourhood park or playground within 500m of their homes
  • have at least 1.5 hectares of parkland for every 1,000 residents

Download these documents for more context:

Places & Spaces: An Open Space Strategy for Kitchener

Places & Spaces: An Open Space Strategy for Kitchener will be our new guiding strategic document for parks and open spaces in Kitchener. Staff are working to develop this strategy through 2021 and 2022.

Our guiding principle for this new strategy is: parks and open spaces are important spaces that help residents find their place.

The Places & Spaces strategy will focus on two main topics:

  1. where we have parks and where we need them
  2. what we need in parks to support our residents and communities

Background information

Kitchener is in the heart of the fastest growing urban area in Canada and is a city that is transitioning from a vehicle-based community with expanding suburbs to a growing community that will see intensification of development with more people living in multi-residential buildings. One thing that has not changed is our commitment to a diverse, safe and welcoming parks and open spaces system.

As the city has changed, so too have our communities. We have seen the growth of programs like Love My Hood and a desire from residents to be involved in shaping their community environment. We have also seen an increasing value placed on parks and open spaces as places for community to connect.

Parks play an important role in how we manage and adapt to changing climate. They are critical in protecting and enriching local biodiversity and they provide natural relief from the impacts of storms.

As a city, the role that our parks can play in ensuring that all residents have welcoming, safe places outdoors that community can connect. This includes everyone, whether you are a resident of Kitchener that can trace family roots back over generations, a member of Indigenous community that can trace back connection with the land in this area for many thousands of years, or if you are a newcomer to Kitchener as the diverse and growing community of new immigrants that the city welcomes.

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