Downtown Kitchener is at a key point in its evolution. It’s time to develop a new, community-led vision for the future. Learn more about how the vision process and how you can get involved.

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On this page:

  1. Current vision
  2. Developing a new vision
  3. Downtown Community Working Group

Current vision

Downtown Kitchener (DTK) is guided by:

Developing a new vision

Unprecedented growth is happening at a time when housing affordability, climate, equity and social factors are coming together to change the face of the downtown core.

As a result, it’s a great time for the community to shape a new vision for the downtown. This new vision will include a set of equity-based guiding principles for the next generation of community-led transformation.

At this time, city initiatives that a collective DTK vision would help inform include:

  • new land use and zoning framework for DTK
  • Civic District master plan
  • Bramm Yards master plan
  • Arts and Culture Strategy
  • District Energy plan for DTK
  • inclusionary zoning for DTK
  • Places and Spaces Master Plan
  • city-owned lands strategy (Make it Kitchener 2.0)
  • new Official Plan

These bodies of work will work together with the Downtown Kitchener Vision to guide our future decision-making.

Downtown Community Working Group

The Downtown Community Working Group (DCWG) includes members of the downtown and broader Kitchener community, each bringing unique and diverse perspectives to the process.

The DCWG is working to:

  • shape a comprehensive community engagement process
  • craft a vision that encapsulates downtown Kitchener in 10 years, one that is premised on a “downtown for all”
  • identify and define a set of principles that shape, direct and build context for future decision-making for the downtown core

The DCWG works with and is supported by community engagement consultants and staff. A space for input and collaboration with the broader community will be part of the community engagement process.