How to book ice time at The Aud or one of the arenas

If you want to book ice time for your group at one of our arenas, including the Aud, follow this process.

A full list of available ice is on ActiveNET. If you have any questions, send us an email.

Internet-connected device.
Go to ActiveNET

Open ActiveNET

Choose the facility and time you want to book

List of arenas:

Enter the number of attendees


Click "proceed"
Sign in or create an ActiveNET account
Follow these instructions to create an ActiveNET account.
Click "reserve"
Your request will then be sent to staff for approval.
Rental approval
When we approve your rental, you will get an email that verifies your rental. This email will include a link to the payment page.
Follow the link to the payment page
Enter your payment information and click "submit"
You will get another email that confirms your reservation and payment.