They may look like tranquil bodies of water, but there’s a lot happening below the surface of stormwater management ponds.

While their shiny and slippery surface during the winter may look appealing for ice skating, these ponds can be dangerous. When stormwater ponds freeze over during the winter, the thickness of the ice becomes highly unpredictable and makes for very dangerous conditions.

Stormwater ponds should not be used for any recreational activity at any time of the year. Please exercise caution around frozen ponds and bodies of water. Never skate or walk on these ponds.

We know many community members are looking for activities to do during the winter months, but for your safety, please stay off these ponds. For locations and details on City outdoor winter rinks and the two new synthetic ice rinks visit

There are over 150 stormwater management ponds across the City of Kitchener that play a key role in keeping neighbourhoods safe. These engineered ponds collect stormwater runoff including sediment, debris, road salt and pollutants which help to reduce localized flooding, control downstream erosion, and ensure cleaner water flows into our environment.

Stay safe this winter. Stay off the ponds.