Kitchener – Kitchener’s organizational structure has been realigned to enhance the provision of effective and efficient service delivery to citizens while advancing council’s strategic priorities.

The new structure which comes into effect today, places greater emphasis on the coordinated delivery of development services, greater emphasis on the city’s desire to advance corporate customer service improvements and aligns financial services in a manner that supports continued strength in the city’s financial position.  It was developed through a comprehensive organizational review, resulting in the following departmental configuration:

Community Services

Development Services

Infrastructure Services

Corporate Services

Financial Services

The city conducted a broad internal and external search to fill the department head positions.  Joining Dan Chapman, CAO, and Michael May, deputy CAO and the department head responsible for community services, to form the city’s new Corporate Leadership Team are:

Justin Readman – Development Services

Denise McGoldrick – Infrastructure Services

Victoria Raab – Corporate Services

Jonathan Lautenbach – Financial Services

“Our key focus in filling these vacancies was to ensure that we were building a strong team that can support the priorities of council, and fulfill an ambitious community agenda,” said chief administrative officer Dan Chapman. “In addition to the skill and expertise these leaders bring to their new roles, it was also clear that they share an enthusiasm for collaborative city-building – a hallmark of our community.”

Mayor Berry Vrbanovic noted that Kitchener leads the way in many areas when it comes to building a better city – from neighbourhood development to innovation, economic development and customer service. “Kitchener is a great city in which to live, work, and play thanks in part to the great work of staff to advance our strategic priorities. Council’s high expectations in this area are driven by the input and feedback from our citizens, and I am confident that our new corporate leadership team will continue to build on the success we’ve seen not only in council’s current term, but through our city’s history.”

Biographies of the Corporate Leadership Team members and an organizational chart are attached.

Providing strong service in a fiscally responsible and balanced manner continues to be a focus of the City of Kitchener.  Through the careful management of vacant positions, all of the organizational changes were accomplished without any job losses, and within the city’s existing budget.