KITCHENER - During autumn residents can bring leaves that fall on their property to one of eight leaf drop-off sites located in neighbourhoods across the city from Oct. 19 – Dec. 14, mulch or compost leaves, or bag them for pick-up on yard waste days. Curbside collection occurs in more heavily forested areas of the city only.

“The City of Kitchener and Region of Waterloo collaborated to develop a program where the Region brings collected leaves directly to farmer’s fields to be used as natural fertilizer for their crops,” says Scott Berry, manager, operations, City of Kitchener. “It’s an efficient process that helps our environment by using leaves - a natural renewable resource – to improve farmers’ soil.”

Drop-off locations are open seven days a week during daylight hours and are for loose leaves only. Plan to take your bags or bins back with you after disposal. Sites are monitored and all other materials left at the drop-off locations will be subject to a fine.

NOTE: The Victoria Street South at Eastforest Trail site is permanently closed. Please use one of the other locations.

For properties located in designated curbside collection areas city staff will pickup leaves during the following weeks:

  • Blue zone: Nov. 13-16
  • Gold zone: Nov. 19-23
  • Brown zone: Nov. 26-30
  • Red zone: Hot spot; monitored and collection occurs as required from Nov. 2 until 
    Dec. 7. 

Residents can type in their address using the online tool to find out what zone their property is located in and leaf collection options available to them, or call the corporate contact centre for more information 519-741-2345.

Residents living within the identified zones on the online map are permitted to rake their leaves to the curb once during November, on the weekend before their scheduled pick-up. The leaves must be at the curbside before 7 a.m. on the first day of the scheduled pick-up week.

Residents living in areas identified as “hot spots” on the online map will receive multiple leaf collections, as required, to keep the streets clear, leaves in these zones must be raked out no later than Dec. 3. Additionally, city staff will monitor all streets on a regular basis to ensure roadways remain safe and clear.

No matter where you live, all residents are encouraged to use this order of preferences to help protect our environment and create less waste when dealing with their leaves:

  1. Mulch them with a lawn mower to help fertilize the grass.
  2. Compost the leaves on your property to enrich your garden.
  3. Take your leaves to one of the eight leaf drop-off sites.
  4. Bag your leaves for pick-up as yard waste on collection days.
  5. For properties in the curbside collection areas, rake leaves to the curb for pickup by the city during the designated weeks for your zone.

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