Warmer temperatures are sure signs of spring, but they also mark the start of the spring melt. A sharp increase in temperature can melt snow and ice quickly and create localized flooding. Heavy rainfall can also contribute to increased risk.

Stay prepared.

Reduce the risk of flooding around your home and neighbourhood by:

  • Clearing snow around your foundation, including window wells
  • Ensuring snow, ice and debris are clear from your roof and eavestroughs
  • Clearing snow and ice at the end of downspouts
  • Ensuring downspouts drain at least one metre away from your foundation and onto your lawn or garden areas, rather than directly onto sidewalks or streets
  • Shoveling snow and ice onto your yard, not onto the road to avoid blocking drains and catch basins
  • Being mindful of standing water around your foundation

If you notice localized flooding in your neighbourhood or blocked catch basins, notify the City of Kitchener by calling 519-741-2345. For more information about staying safe during a flood, visit www.kitchener.ca/flooding

Flooding along the Grand River
Residents who live along the Grand River and in the floodplain are advised of an increased risk of flooding this spring due to an above average snowpack, risk of ice jams in local waterways and predicted near-normal temperatures. This risk is increased if heavy rainfall is forecast.

To learn more about the Grand River Conservation Authority’s Flood Warning System and to receive Flood Warning updates, visit the GRCA.

Stay safe. Stay off the ponds.
Ponds and bodies of water are not monitored for recreational activities including skating, hockey and swimming at any time of the year. Ice thickness is extremely unpredictable and ice conditions can change quickly with warmer temperatures. Stay safe and stay off all unmonitored bodies of water in your community. Parents are encouraged to remind their children of the risks associated with water safety.

For more information about Kitchener’s stormwater management and flood protection initiatives, visit www.kitchener.ca/stormwater


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