KITCHENER – Protecting the environment, efficient transportation and renewable energy are some of the areas students in grades five and six would focus on to build a better Kitchener. My Ideal City contest winners will meet with the mayor and council on Monday, May 7, prior to council, to participate in a live, televised mock council meeting.

“Kitchener's youth are important citybuilders in our community,” says Mayor Berry Vrbanovic. “Programs like this enable them to dream big and think about the future of our city. We want to inspire our young people to get involved in the community and their local government so that they can create change in the future.”

These creative minds will debate a community related topic around the council horseshoe, learning what it’s like to be an elected official, responsible for making decisions that shape our community.

Students in Kitchener were asked to think about the programs and services they would like to see in their “Ideal City,” and then write a 250 word report about why they chose them. Reports submitted were evaluated based on creativity and persuasiveness of the ideas presented, form and style of the composition and spelling.

All participants, their teachers and families have been invited to attend a reception on April 30, from 5:30-6:30 p.m. Once assembled in council chambers, winners of the contest will be announced and paired with a staff person or member of council to assist them in preparing for the mock debate on May 7.

Watch for the winning essays in the May edition of the Kitchener Citizen.



For more information:

Erin Power
Corporate Communications and Marketing Associate
City of Kitchener
519-741-2200 ext. 7547